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kaybojesen_denmark  Danish design | Interior | Decor | Kay Bojesen's motto: "The lines should smile" | Share your Kay Bojesen photos - use #kaybojesendenmark

The wooden car’s sleek, aerodynamic lines are worthy of any superhero 🚗

Kay Bojesen created his version of a rattle, the first classic children’s toy in 1932. Its dimensions make it easy for small hands to hold ❤️

As a designer, Kay Bojesen had a special ability to bring wood to life, instilling his work with a lighthearted sense of humour.

You can hardly resist smiling when seeing this little guy, with his insistent black eyes and rounded body ...

The cutest setting ❤️ A classic and a dear friend for life ...

❤️ the amazing wooden animals

The well-known fascination of the guardsmen ❤️

SNEAK PEEK NEWS18..... Presenting the charming Big Bear, that calls to be held and cared for, with soft, curved lines in light and dark wood giving the design an organic appeal and echoing its Nordic roots ❤️

SNEAK PEEK AW18..... Presenting the feinschmecker edition of the well known standard bearer.
Half a meter, sparkeling flag and ready to celebrate guests with full royal honors.

The elegant horse in a stringent setting

The Seagull with the calm, gently rocking movement is a one-off product among Kay Bojesen’s animals. It was originally designed in 1954 for a exhibition in 23 unique pieces.

The blanket with the Monkey illustration is very soft, so it won't scratch little ones when they're wrapped in the blanket for cosy moments. ❤️

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