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Late post.... "The pain you feel today is the strength you'll have tomorrow" ❤️

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Where do I even start when it comes to this girl she has been everything to me since day one! Never did I think we would become this close considering you were the girl who showed up out of no where and became the big booty of co😂 I will never forget the moment we sat next to each other in history and instantly became Bestfriends over sharing a book! The bond between us just continued to grow as we went through our many stages of football game pre gaming to parties to raves to just turning up by ourselves in my room🎉words can't even describe the love I have for this girl because she's been there at some of the hardest times that nobody even knows about and made some of the best memories I could ever have!! I am so proud to see you moving on and going to CSUMB I can not wait to see your transformation from here! I've opened my home to you and my family has opened their hearts loving you sometimes more than me, only cause you're 'bubbles' 😉 you will always be welcome in my family and I'm so glad to say I have you as my Bestfriend because we are goals!! We instantly became inseparable, we got a job together, now live together and never has anyone seen us mad at each other or say anything bad about one another! You were the reason I passed all my classes this year and you helped me get to where I needed to be in life and I can't thank you enough. I love you past the moon and stars and can't wait for our summer together! @edmbby #BestfriendGoals #GraduatingClassOf2015