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K. B A B Y💕  💕 K Baby with the GOOD HAIR 💕 ✶ Haircare Dealer✖️GIRL BOSS ✶DM ME FOR MY HAIR SECRETS! ✶ TWITTER @ KayAtremo_ ✶ SNAPCHAT @ Ramblindarlin


Um how beautiful is my god sister tho? So blessed to have you faithyyyy💕

Why does Melissa Etheridge get me so hype tho 😂😂😂

So this isn’t another risqué post but this is a photo of me boasting that I’ve lost another 20lbs and I couldn’t be more thrilled. My whole life I’ve been naturally “thick” and People made fun of me for it for most of my life for being larger, anytime someone would try to diss me it would be “you’re a fat bitch etc etc” it went on for MOST of my younger years. It was not till recently it was cool to be fat and I say fat because YES most of you girls are using THICK to be sloppy and gain weight. For the first time ever in my life I’m a size 0 and SUPER lean ....and guess what mutha fuckaass it feels AMAZING!!! I am Naturally thick so at a size 0 and 120 I still have a huge ass and thighs because of my genetics and ethnicity. Since loosing weight people have asked me if I’m on drugs etc um NO.... just taking care of myself. When I was in high school the trend was to be rail thin like Paris Hilton and that was NOT my body type at all and I was embarrassed of having a big butt and thighs so I would wear baggy pants to hide it, and now girls are PAYING money to get my natural body type with surgery. How the tables turn. 5’1 going hardddd

Thank you @caskey407 🖤

My favorite tattoo on my body is the Latin words over my groin area that read “ Memento Vivere “ which is part of the Latin phrase “ Memento Mori, Memento Vivere “ . Which means “ remember that you have to die, remember to live.... I got the Remember to live portion over my heart surgery scars as a reminder to remember to live through all the bullshit life throws ...heart surgery, heart breaks, legal issue , etc.
This is by far my favorite tattoo, thanks @j_evanstattooer for doing it for me this summer ♥️ #sexy #hot #girlswithtattoos #eyes #women #heart #instatattoo #tattooed #ink #sleevetattoo #inkedup #tattoo #bodyart #love #inked #handtattoo #art #tattoos #amazing #girls #party #repost #instalove #igaddict #iphonesia #photooftheday #me #instamood #igers #picoftheday


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