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Kaya McAlister  🌿earthling carried by the wind. 📍nine mile farm, upstate ny @sun_mother_organics

When sky, water, & hearts merge✨
also....I’m almost certain dinosaurs still exist here 🦕

Going to miss you best friend, until next time. now...headed west ✨

K, I’ll be hibernating. Wake me up when it’s warm enough to splash around in rivers & play in the mud.

Nasturtiums...my favorite salad garnish. Mixed lettuce, sorrel, & these flowers? Amazing. Especially with this dressing:
1 teaspoon honey
3 tablespoons olive oil
3 tbsp balsamic
1 teaspoon-tablespoon of fresh (or dried) herbs such as thyme, rosemary, or dill 😋

Armbalances are no longer a strong suit of mine as they had been the past couple of years. However I do still know what I consider the number one rule to success in this area: know how to fall.

Find me in the forest. Where I wander, breathe, laugh, cry, & sit in amazement...how is it I exist along with these coloring trees?

For the past week or so I’ve posted pictures & stories, but haven’t taken the time to truly write anything with a deep truth. I haven’t taken the time to fully put my heart or beliefs out there....yet I still get quite a few DMs, comments, etc about how lovely & blessed my life is...about how lucky I am. Now, don’t get me wrong, I really do see the beauty & the blessings & how amazing it is to experience life as I am. But to only share, to only show the pretty side is not a full truth. Not even close. I want to share as much of the full truth as I can because social media can make it look as though people have all their shit together....like their lives are full of the sweetest moments & their versions of “messy lives” look like knotted hair or a day of lounging instead of moving their bodies. I am currently on an organic farm in upstate NY surrounded by hundreds of acres of forest. Surrounded by song birds, monarch butterflies, flowers of every color, the leaves on the trees are changing to the most incredible shades. It is BEAUTIFUL here. So the things I post are generally...well...beautiful. That shows one side of my current existence. For the past couple weeks or so it’s been a miracle to pull myself out of bed. I am “healthy” in body, but my mind has 0 motivation for almost anything. I never end up spending more than a few months in one place because I drop into this place. This place of laying in bed all day, not because I necessarily need or want rest, but because I’m hiding from life. I cry, I start drinking beer at noon every day (“normally” I’ll have a beer or 2 every once in a while in the evenings), & I stray away from things that are so close to my heart such as yoga. I’ve done yoga once in the past 2 weeks. Not because I’ve been too busy, but because I’ve been too depressed & finding excuses to validate just lying in bed. I’m telling you this because I want you to know that even though I preach about how incredible it is to exist on a living world circling a star, I get depressed too. I am always fascinated by life, but I do go into the darker depths of myself & marinate there on a somewhat regular basis. Continued below 👇🏾

Forever one of my favorite pieces by @serpentfire seemingly able to capture my mood & heart words (on most days). The things that I’m unable to put together into a human language...but I don’t need to because there’s this.

The 2 faces of both summer & fall. Recognizing all the beautiful moments...as well as all the hard. forever trying to piece together the magnificence within the threads-both dark & light-that weave my life into the messy beautiful confusing & exceptional thing that it is.

I think I’ll be a dahlia for Halloween. 🌿

The farms driveway. Obsessed every fall with this landscape. What I was missing from my childhood....leaves changing. Southern California’s nice....but man, getting to watch the land physically change with the seasons is a special kind of magic.

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