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Kaya🦋McAlister  a human who sees earth, movement, &barefeet as medicine. find me talking to trees or cuddling joaquin. biz:@sun_mother_organics Yoga&MindfulnessCamp👇🏽

Marble skies over poppler, spruce, & the old barn. A little community that has grown together for two centuries, having known me only for 4 years. Just a short visit from a girl with wide-eyes.

I am so in love with having sunflower neighbors. This picture was a week ago & they’ve almost doubled in size. It is so beautiful to watch the way they move their faces with the sun, gazing towards the gardens in the morning & ending their day facing our little cabin home. To see them in the dark hours of the night gazing straight up towards the twinkling skies before preparing to gaze back towards the gardens to soak in the glorious morning light.

Fairy bouquet of the day 🧚‍♂️

Here’s a picture of all of us laughing at what I’m guessing was a joke I told. This is my guess since I seem to be laughing harder than anyone while...shoving my fingers into my mouth? 😂🙏🏽 But I do love this picture because it shows the beauty of this hand-crafted, river fed, fire-heated tub as well as the hearts who got to enjoy its magic. This was taken by @aubreyyrenee at her retreat. She just made an account for it @restoreretreatkentucky ...& I highly recommend giving it a follow if you want your feed full of trees, laughter, & love.

& some mornings, as I walk the length of the garden dew & soil squish between my bare toes. As I pick flowers of all shapes & sizes-sunflowers, snapdragons, black-eyes susan’s, frosted explosion, cosmos-I listen to the wild orchestra of birds song..... & sometimes another sounds makes its way in. A little ding from the phone, a vibration in the back pocket of my overalls. & what do I see? Digital love letters from a friend. This morning it was from my heart friend @aubreyyrenee . A love letter & this picture too add to my bouquet of morning flowers & gratitude. Thanks for adding even more beauty to this soft, whimsical day, Aubrey.

When the golden light of day no longer sets fire to bare-freckled noses, but instead seeps in through the western forest of pine & maple, I emerge. The Black-eyed Susans drinking up those last rays greet me as I walk past, gently stroking those who call my name. I end my day with a check on the garden, seeing if any squash or broccoli are eagerly waiting to move from plant to basket. I give thanks to those I gather & extend gratitude to the entire community of the plant, stone, soil, & fungi folk. The day had been lazy-full of books, drawing, dream catcher crafting, a little yoga, & shrek (that’s right). Nothing significant, yet entirely significant as I hid from sun beams beneath a great sugar maple, surrounded by fern friends, crafting with my hands & weaving pictures in my brain from stories others, with love for the wild world, had written.

How was your day? Can you find the poetry, the insignificant significance that threaded each moment? I highly recommend author Sylvia Lindsteadt if you need some inspiration in this realm. Reading the words written by her hands added so much beauty to my day. So much gratitude for this messy, wonderful world.

Happy place. •

📷: @wildlygatheredco at @aubreyyrenee restore retreat 🍃

Caught my first solo swarm today. (Probably like the 12th swarm I’ve helped) climbed up a ladder with a bucket & shook the hell out of the branch, half the bees dropped into my bucket while the other half fell like a waterfall over my veil & suit. I quickly closed the lid to my bucket climbied down & made my way to the new hive I had set up for them. I poured them into the hive, like liquid bees. There were still bees all over my suit & I ran around a little hoping they’d fly away. Most did, but then I realized a couple had found their way into my suit. I ran, danced, & jumped around trying to peel my suit off as quickly as possible. The bees on my suit went after me. I got a couple stings in the back as I sprinted for my cabin leaving most in my wake. 2 bees however, had gotten stuck in my braids. Joaquin was sitting outside of the cabin & I yelled “help the bees are in my hair!”, he jumped up & removed the bees as I busted into tears. He hugged me but the bees had a new target-Joaquin. We both ran for the cabin, held each other while laughing (with some tears on my end). But, all in all it was a successful catch. I got the queen & they seem to be settling nicely into their new home. A catch that will be forever in my memories-my first solo swarm 🌿🐝🌿

When was it that humanity decided to discard the personification of plant, tree, & fungi kingdoms? Where did the shift from “these are sacred sentient beings that tell us their medicine through dreams & feelings” to “these are things...& not only things but resources for humans” to “these are here for humans to use as we please. No need for reciprocity.”? If you spend days (or longer, sometimes shorter) amongst the wilds of this planet, you’ll see that the first statement I had so much more truth woven into it. If you just watch the way sunflowers move their heads to face the sun, or see flowers turned to bee honey, or listen too the wild conversations of the forest, or watch as sensitive plants close their leaves with a single pole of your finger......you’ll see. Everything is living, breathing, feeling, & experiencing. & you are part of that web of experience, wonder, beauty, hardship, & consciousness. You are made from the same gases, stardust, & empty space.
So far our shifts on this planet as humans have been headed towards not only the loss of thousands of other species, but the loss of our own. How can we shift back to a loving, working, reciprocal relationship with this planet we call home? What steps do you take? How do you care for your world? Share it with me & anyone else who reads this 👇🏽 like I mentioned before: we are all in this together. 📷: @wildlygatheredco during @aubreyyrenee s restore retreat.

I am starting to see these babies everywhere. Physically, in art, verbally....So I think they’re my spirit animal. BUT when the Luna caterpillars turn into Luna Moths they lose their mouths & digestive systems during the metamorphosis. They live a week. Hmmmm.....do you guys think this is a sign that I eat too much chocolate?🤔

This was during my 500 YTT....about 3 years ago or so. This picture was taken the day I finally was able to hold a handstand for more than 2 seconds. At the time I was so enamored by the grace strength beauty & balance that came with holding your body up with hands on the Earth. I was all about arm balances. Did them all the time....most of my yoga pictures were of such things. I acquired minor wrist injuries...& eventually I got tired. My body asked me through low energy & wrist pain that it no longer wanted to spend each day holding such aggressive positions. Don’t get me wrong-I still love them for the same reasons I was intrigued by them originally & through those practices I gained so much self confidence. But now? I almost never do them....in fact I almost forget about their existence. My movements are slow, gooey, & flowy. & it feels so damn good. I have to remind myself about pushing limits & doing the occasional arm balance flow or to grab my foot in Pigeon or dancer. I have to remind myself to get into the more “fancy” postures, because my interest hardly lies in those spaces. My interests are now in slowing down & deeply connecting to my body. To feel every fluctuation of energy & emotion. Has anyone else experienced such shifts in their practices? Maybe the opposite of mine? I’m curious, where are you? How does it feel to be there? ✨

Are you the kind of person who enjoys camping, wandering through forests, stargazing around bonfires, & connecting with the Earth? Join me for my upcoming mindfulness camp! 2 spots left, friends. +do yoga twice daily in forests and fields
+eat nourishing farm-to-table vegetarian meals
+explore ancient caves
+connect with like-minded beings
+learn about the healing wisdom of plants
+refresh with a swim in the beautiful, spring fed pond
+relax with guided meditations
+share in deep conversations & laughter around the camp fire
+connect to the earth and your wild beating heart
+enjoy waking up to the symphonies of nature
+find moments of gratitude & deep breaths

Join me on the incredible Nine Mile Farm. This family-owned organic veggie farm is tucked along side the forests just outside of Albany, NY. This experience is open to yogis of all-levels (beginners welcome). This retreat is not for those who are looking to stay in a fancy hotel, sip pool side beverages, and pretend all their problems are non-existent. This is for people looking to have a deeper understanding of themselves, the earth, & their part in caring for the environment. For those who want to get back to their more natural, wild roots & don't mind ending their day with messy hair, dirt in their nails, & showers under the stars. Everyone will be sleeping in tents (not supplied by us). If there is someone who wants to come but is opposed to tent camping, please email me. We will have a beautiful hot outdoor shower, hand-crafted wooden restrooms with composting toilets, and an outdoor (covered) kitchen.

Price: $400

If you’re interested in joining me or hearing more, please DM, email me, or go to the link in my bio.

love & earth blessings,
Kaya Shannon
e-mail: kayashannon@yahoo.com
**Space is very limited. **Payment plans are available.
**Partial trades/scholarships available, email me & we can chat.
**$275 of total price is refundable up until the 3rd of August, at which point will be non-refundable.

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