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Kaya🦋McAlister  🌿Find me in the trees, or on the sea. Lover of yoga, Joaquin, & all things wild. Yoga instructor @thebodyholiday📍Saint Lucia @iseablueorganics


For one long weekend we will gather to connect to the Earth. We will learn about wild medicinal & edible plants, as well as those that are in the garden raised from seed. Food will be nourishing, which is just what we need for days of yoga, swimming, & playing in the forest. The retreat is half way filled. DM me for more info, website will be up & running SOON. 🌿

In upstate New York...there, nestled into the ancient forests, we will gather... To do yoga surrounded by red pines, maple, & ash.
To give thanks to the land by showing gratitude & creating art with flower, stick, & stone.
To eat healing foods grow on the land with love & respect.
To swim under the sun in spring-fed ponds & explore caves left from glaciers which receded long ago.
To share stories around the fire with open hearts & play in the wild flower fields.
To get back to a place where we are connected through deep breaths & love for the Earth.
If this sounds like something you would be interested in join me for my Wild Hearts Mindfulness Retreat. August 10th-13th. For more info DM or email kayashannon@yahoo.com. & I my website will be out SOON 🌿✨🍆🍃🍅🌙🌳🌻🌶🌱☀️🥦🌈🥒🌾

“How are you?” “Oh, I’m fine how are you?” We walk our shiny shoes (imported from sweat shops across great waters) to our (mined) cement curb to fill up our recycling bins (with all manner of plastics & tins) that contained organic food (also shipped from across great waters & plains). “What a fine day, a little hot for this time of year, but doesn’t it feel good!”... 🌿
Daily we juggle our want for convenience &comfort with the reality of the harm we cause the Earth. Of course we’ll incorporate slow food, volunteer at the local grade school & pick up trash from our closest shoreline, just as soon as we have the time. No wonder pharmaceutical companies are in such a fantastic position to name their price for the meds that keep our outrage in check. What if we face, & voice our upset about this lunacy? Would the social fabric were woven into so snugly, unravel? Would we fall into the void? Would our friends turn away from our truth-speaking, not wanting to face their own paradox, our own undiagnosed, untreated collective insanity?
Perhaps a first step towards a cure is to voice our pain & feelings of helplessness about wars, homelessness, starving children, racial injustice, violence...living in a world controlled by big corporations where the wealthiest get even more rich on the backs of endangered species-rainforests-cultures. Where poisoned-rising-melting water, increasingly severe hurricane-tsunamis-drought-earthquakes whip our winds & our worry into such a frenzy that... we want to turn away. To pull down the drapes on the suffering of the world that we do cherish, & dial down the volume against this crazy-making, high-pitched dissonance around us. We’ve got some spell-breaking to do. It’s time we trade in pent up madness for some hope & collaboration. What if we made a pact to affirm each other’s frustration? Maybe it doesn’t look socially appropriate the next time “Hey, how’s it goin?” unleashed a pure stream of indignation & truth-speaking from your heart. But after it all washes over your witness perhaps you’ll hear “You speak my mind sister, now what?” •written by Barbara Dickinson from the We’moon 2018 book. Thanks again @hbmona 😘

Missing my earth wandering yogi sister @ladyjanny . 🌈🙏🏽🌲

Life in Saint Lucia. Still amazing but boy am I missing messy hair, eating food cooked on a fire, & socks covered in pine needles. & sweet dances around the fire🔥

Ending most days @thebodyholiday with yoga, deep breaths, moments of gratitude, & contemplation of the human relationship to the celestial bodies above (sun & moon). The trees exhale blessings, our hearts sing the tune of the sea. 📸: @tevyn.gill #bodyholiday

Wild Hearts: A mindfulness retreat. August 10-13th, 2018. Nine Mile Farm, Delmar NY.
Join me for a weekend full of sisterhood, yoga, deep breaths, belly laughs, stargazing, swimming, meditation, conversations as deep as the sea, mud spas, literal farm-to-table nourishing meals, lazy afternoons by the pond, cave exploration, & more.
This is for those who are looking to deepen their connection to Earth & the wildness this natural being that is woven within each one of us. There will be time for play, for learning, for being.

More info to come SOON 🌿

Allow the sun to blanket you with golden threads of remembrance...& the wind to whisper stories of your true nature.
Welcome the songs of the forests who sing of ancient knowing, as the moist earth exhales sighs of interconnectedness.

Feel as the salt water licks your feet as you stand on the coastline. The ocean sinking into your pores reminding you of the silent consciousness that is held within every natural being. Allow, welcome, feel, remember....

This evenings heart melting meditation ✨

The jungle whispers songs of moist earth & vibrant life. Increments of lullaby rain & sacred sunlight weave through the limbs of trees & humans, alike. I exhale into the crystalline sea soaking into the soft white sand. This new life is foreign to me, but I am here & already in love. In love with the ways the plants & Carribean Sea open themselves up in a way that is fearless, vulnerable, & free. A reflection of my heart. Thank you so much to all the wonderful employees & guests who have welcomed me with big smiled & open hearts, I can’t wait to meet & connect with the rest of you @thebodyholiday 🙏🏽

Sittin’ in an airplane, anxiously awaiting hip & heart openers. 8 hours until Saint Lucia 🙈✨🙉

My heart, 🌊

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