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I tried to correct the red-eye but photoshop was being a butt and only let me correct one. So here is half-red-pupil Kaya 👀 Her eyes still looking amazing though 💙

Comment 🏃 if you're excited for the Maze Runner! I know I am! 🎉

From Kaya's shoot with J.Estina a couple years ago 😍😍😍

I think instagram is on its period. I swear I will cry if it crashes one more time. And it won't let me follow Kaya!! I made this account for her because she's amazing, but I can't even follow her because ig thinks that's an inappropriate action?? Ugh just stop instagram. PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK

Whenever I have assignments online, I always have TECHNICAL PROBLEMS. This is not fun. 😭

Can't function properly until I get my PIZZA 🍕

So, my first day of high school kind of sucked...I probably looked like such an idiot 😂😂

I am awake at the ungodly hour of 6 in the morning, on my way to high school. HeLP ME

Goodnight 😊 My first day of high school starts tomorrow...

I just spent my entire last day of summer watching TV 👍


I want her autograph 😭

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