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Kaya Purohit  Food lover 🥑 writer🖌director 🎥 student 📚 sustainability seeker 🌍 // Head of Content @markhymanmd

An ode to food? Nothing makes me happier than good food, the company of a sweet soul or two, and indulging in meaningful conversation between bites. #happyplace #anyoneelse? #food 🥂

Beliefs. Our beliefs drive our behavior. Over the past few days after the Feel Good Summit, I've been having some meaningful conversations with friends and family about beliefs. So many people were left unearthing deep beliefs that were etched into their mind from a young age. Some of us like to imagine that we don't have beliefs that hold us back (I am the number one culprit). This weekend was an opportunity for me to finally face a big one: I am lazy. Actually I can tell you exactly where this belief came from. Someone told me. Someone told me when I was little that I was lazy. Compared to a family of over-achievers I was "lazy." I've been able to look back at those years of my life and recognize that my inability to motivate myself was driven primarily from energy deficiency and not feeling great most of the time, but the belief stuck with me. For the past few years and still now, I have been making amends to the point of exhaustion at times. "I will never be called lazy again. In fact, I'll be the exact opposite to the point where no one would ever even put me in the same sentence as lazy." Sometimes I sit down to watch a TV show, and my husband walks by and says, "what are you doing?" My defenses peak. "What do you mean what am I doing? I was working all day. I'm just sitting down for a second." This all stems from my fear of being called lazy. It's funny what our beliefs make us do. For now I am remembering to take time to relax when I want and work hard because I like to and because I have the energy to, not because of what other people think of me. #beliefs #feelgoodsummit

Forever grateful for these amazing humans. #workfamily #bestteamever #missing @serrellio

I was fifteen when I saw my first Star Wars movie. The credits rolled, and I decided right then and there that I wanted to be a filmmaker. That night, I tapped into this deep love inside of me that would blend powerful character stories with over the top cinematic magic. I will forever be chasing the feeling I had that night -  the feeling that anything is possible. And that someone could change my life with the perfect mixture of story and technology. These days when people ask me why I gave up my filmmaking career, I remind them that I didn't. I still get to tell stories, but now I get to tell stories that blend science, medicine and art, and when I think about that, I'm transported back to my teenage feelings in the dark theater as the credits rolled and my heart was filled with what was possible. Anthony and I still go to each Star Wars movie on opening day too. #starwars #solo #theforce #ilovestories #anthonyhaironfleek

Tomorrow is the official launch of The Doctor’s Farmacy podcast with @markhymanmd These past few weeks have been dedicated to researching the work of our extraordinary guests who have contributed to policy change, publications and social justice issues.
This podcast is committed to talking about stuff that matters with an emphasis on food. In two weeks we will be featuring the president of black lives matter NYC. He speaks about the silent killer - food injustice in impoverished areas. Dr. Hyman also talks to Michael Moss about the ways that the food industry has contributed to our chronic disease epidemic. And we feature journalist Miriam Horn who has discovered what it means to be a true American environmentalist. It’s always been a dream of mine to take part in conversations that ignite change. Plus I get to read and research all day long! Dream! #goals ••
Excited for the world to hear this podcast! Listen to #thedoctorsfarmacy anywhere you listen to podcasts.

Always pick up after your dogs 🐶#stayhumble but really, having furry family members is not great for #sustainability goals. Looking for better options! #womansbestfriend

Working on @markhymanmd new podcast about food injustice, which is so very near and dear to my heart. Dr. Hyman has this quote, "Food and the way we produce and consume it is the nexus of most of our world’s health, environmental, climate, economic and even political crises." Food is a weapon that has been used to keep groups of people sick and disabled. The cost of convenience is frightening. Forget even having access to education around food choices; the reality for many is limited access to fruits and vegetables, which often cost five times as much as sugar sweetened beverages and packaged convenience foods. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️
Industrial farming and mass food production has turned the food industry upside-down creating a destructive health epidemic. Dr. Hyman's first interview will be with Michael Moss, the author of "Salt, Sugar, Fat." Have you guys read this one? If you're interested in the food industry's roll in creating obesity and disease, I highly recommend it. Packaged, processed, junk foods are one way that people can be controlled by the media and even the government, so if you consider yourself an independent thinker, think about taking back your tastebuds. #foodinjustice #foodindustry #farmacy #foodismedicine #lovemyjob 💪🏽🥑

Don’t mind us we are just doing yoga. 🧘🏾‍♀️🐶

Actually we are just dreaming about herbalism. Today we are all about thyme 🌿an ancient Mediterranean remedy that can be used to treat alcoholism, headache, hangover, depression, anxiety, shortness of breath, and much much more. Preparation from THE EARTHWISE HERBAL 🍵 which is my herbalism bible now: fresh leaves in essential oils 15 drops before bed. 🔮thinking about also making balms. #alchemy #herbalism #magic #thyme 🌿🌿

What a dream. Finding restaurants and businesses that are committed to sustainability and supporting local services makes my heart flutter. @millhousemaui works closely with growers and ranchers and they use produce grown where this picture was taken. This was our view from where we sat and enjoyed the best meal. I hope Anthony and I can create something so intentional one day. ❤️ #local #sustainable #minimalwaste #maui #dreammeal

AWE 🌊🌎

Food is freaking confusing. For me, for everyone. And it is so personal. Yet there are some universal guidelines that just about anyone can follow no matter what label they fall into. I’m not vegan or vegetarian or paleo or any of those things, but I try my best to eat real, whole food. But wait, what does that even mean? In two weeks, @markhymanmd new book, Food: What the heck should I eat? (we wanted to call it WTF should I eat?)comes out, and I am so honored to have had a part in bringing this book to life. We all want to know what to eat to move toward our best health, and we want to know how to eat to keep the planet healthy. This book breaks down the effects of food on our biology, our environment, those who grow our food and more. Working on it woke me up to the cruel practices of industrial agriculture and it also empowered me. We have a lot more power and control than we think as food consumers. Every day we can vote with our dollar. What are you voting for? #wtfshouldieat #foodwhattheheckshouldieat #food #eatrealfood #functionalmedicine www.foodthebook.com

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