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Kaya Purohit  Food lover, writer, sustainability seeker // Director of Content @markhymanmd // Living in Lala Land. www.foodthebook.com


Food is freaking confusing. For me, for everyone. And it is so personal. Yet there are some universal guidelines that just about anyone can follow no matter what label they fall into. I’m not vegan or vegetarian or paleo or any of those things, but I try my best to eat real, whole food. But wait, what does that even mean? In two weeks, @markhymanmd new book, Food: What the heck should I eat? (we wanted to call it WTF should I eat?)comes out, and I am so honored to have had a part in bringing this book to life. We all want to know what to eat to move toward our best health, and we want to know how to eat to keep the planet healthy. This book breaks down the effects of food on our biology, our environment, those who grow our food and more. Working on it woke me up to the cruel practices of industrial agriculture and it also empowered me. We have a lot more power and control than we think as food consumers. Every day we can vote with our dollar. What are you voting for? #wtfshouldieat #foodwhattheheckshouldieat #food #eatrealfood #functionalmedicine www.foodthebook.com

My girls ❤️#bigbear 🤧but 😍

Ahoy! Welcome aboard the SS in school for the foreseeable future. Activities include 📚📝📓#school #studygram #boatlife #happynewyear #olanmillspose

In my psychology class we were talking about how rejection and isolation can trigger pain centers in the brain. The brain treats rejection the same way it treats physical pain. There are a few experiments, but one goes something like, when people are presented with positive words of affirmation, they perform better in school, at work, in life. When they are left out or rejected, their performance suffers. Simple enough and makes total sense. And yet, I'm surprised to see how exclusive the world can be at times. The vicious cycle of feeling rejected and then wanting to reject others. Just thinking about collectively creating a better world through really seeing, hearing, loving, appreciating, and acknowledging people and recognizing their strengths. We don't do it enough. #wordsofaffirmation #lovelanguages

You are not Atlas carrying the world on your shoulder. It is good to remember that the planet is carrying you. - Vandana Shiva 🌎 #motherearth

That’s why his hair is so big. It’s full of laughs. Count on this one for some 🤣💜🤪. #laughterisgoodforthesoul

Have you heard of nature deficit disorder? Look it up. It's real. Describing the idea that children are so deprived of nature and spending time outdoors, leading to an increase of behavioral challenges. I feel this deprivation deep within, and find myself desperately trying to capture, bottle, and return to the feeble feelings that the greens, browns, blues, sun, moon give me when I'm surrounded by earth. 🌲#intothewoods 📸: @quasivisualarts

Treating depression is an art and a science. Different person means different depression. #brokenbraindocuseries #brainhealth #mentalhealth www.brokenbrain.com @tmsserenitycntr @_galaxyvisuals_

One more day until the Broken Brain docu-series launches. #brainhealth #brokenbraindocuseries #brokenbrain #functionalmedicine #health

The brain is dynamic, complicated, misunderstood, precious, our most important asset. We take it for granted. It takes it for granted. And everything we do requires our brain. Before we made our docu-series, Broken Brain, this organ was pretty much a mystery to me. Then I was presented with the life changing opportunity, and it all started with getting to know the brain. Everything we do - what we eat, drink, think, how we live, the way we speak to ourselves and to others, what we expose ourselves to impacts the brain. When you mindfully engage with things that positively influence the brain, your whole life changes. Talking to experts and patients who have transformed their own brain health has been powerful for me. It has changed the way I live and has left me with enormous gratitude my brain and its capabilities. Feel the awe of your brain and check out the Broken Brain docu-series. It airs next week. (brokenbrain.com, link in bio) #brainhealth #brokenbraindocuseries

Fall resolutions: If I agree to participate, then I will show up as the best version of myself that I can offer. 🌕

This man is my everything. He drives me around when I have to go far or even when I want to go to the grocery store because he knows I don't like being alone. Today he took our nephew to taekwondo and put him to sleep. He washed the dishes and made sure to keep an eye on our niece when she wandered outside. He laughs and smiles and makes friends with everyone. He is so good to the world. ❤️🙏🏽

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