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Kayla Abigail Estrada🌙  Lover of Jesus🙏🏼 | Human| Happily Married👰🏻🤵🏻| Momma to Be 👶🏻 | HTX |Psalms 95:3 🎶


Today, I saw an old photo of myself and I said "oh my gosh I was so skinny! And at the time I thought I was chubby!" 😂 @kristhianestrada responds "Babe, you're not fat, you're pregnant." (Good response honey! 😉) lol isn't it crazy how much our perspective changes day by day... even about ourselves? It's so hard sometimes to take in the moment and be happy with where we are currently. I know as soon as Noah is born, my belly will go down and I'll fit into my normal jeans again (hopefully 😂). I know that our present is temporary. I pray that God allows me to look toward the future with expectancy, look at my present with thanksgiving no matter what, and look at my past only to see how far God has brought me. If my present is happy, I'll enjoy it, if it isn't, I'll keep my hope in Jesus because I know that tomorrow brings something new. ✨ #NoahLevíEstrada #KristhianKayla #Life #Journey #WhatImLearning #Pregnancy #Summer #ItWasReallyHotOutsideThough #ThesePreggoJeansAreComfyThough

It's so easy to get caught up in the comparison trap. But each of us was given special characteristics that no one else has. God personally created YOU special. He formed you in your mother's womb. Be you dearest friend, shine bright! ✨ #YOUnique #Friday #Faith #Jesus #Encouragement #JesusLovesYou 🙏🏼

Once upon a July 19th, my best friend asked me to marry him. At a place he knew I liked but was terribly afraid of- the beach. I can't swim and if there's one thing that SCARES me to the core it's open water. 🙈 He asked me if I would be willing to take on something as deep and sometimes dark as open water- marriage. I knew my answer was yes. Of course I would. As long as we were together I knew I wouldn't be afraid. I'm still not afraid. Marriage is not easy, but it's as adventurous and rewarding as the ocean, with so many beautiful hidden gems deep within. Thank you for asking me to be yours @kristhianestrada ... and thank you for being mine. ❤️❤️ #Panda #KristhianKayla #WeCanTakeTheWorld #Engagement #Beach #Memories #Marriage #Journey

Messy Hair, comfy clothes = My uniform at home. 😆 Oh Noah, your daddy and I love you so much! 💙 Time is really flying so quick! I can't believe we'll be meeting this little bundle in just two months! #Nervous #expecting #NoahLevíEstrada #KristhianKayla #TheresMoreThanJustButterfliesInMyBelly

It's up on the rest of the media outlets! You can now find our EP on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play! God bless! 🙌🏼🙌🏼// ya está disponible en las demás redes digitales! Puedes encontrar nuestro EP en iTunes, Spotify y Google Play! Bendiciones! 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #Jesus #Music #EP #KristhianKayla #Adoracion #WorshipMode #SeQueTuMeAmas

Hi everyone! We hope you're all doing well. As we announced, our EP is available today! Currently, it's available on the CD Baby website. There were some situations out of our control and the EP will be on the rest of digital sources in the coming days. Thank you so much to everyone for your support and prayers! ❤️ // Saludos a todos! Como anunciamos, hoy está disponible nuestro EP! Actualmente puede ser comprado en CD Baby, hubo unas situaciones fuera de nuestro control y estará disponible en iTunes, Spotify y Google Play en los días que vienen. Muchísimas gracias por sus oraciones y apoyo. Bendiciones!! ❤️
- Kristhian & Kayla

This pregnant gal is ready for the weekend! #YasLord #CmonFriday #Weekend #ItsCuddleTime Also, our EP launches digitally tomorrow! @kristhianestrada and I are super excited! We hope you'll check it out and it blesses you! 🎶🙏🏼🙌🏼 #KristhianKayla #ThatGrowingBump #IMayTipOver #JustKidding #Summer #NoahLevíEstrada

Remembering the time my grandma wanted Chick fil A so bad that she dressed up with me for #CowAppreciationDay 🙈💖👵🏼 #Grandma #IMissHer #SoCute #ChickFilA #CanYouTellSheWasHappy

It's crazy how secure you can feel holding someone's hand. As a child, you feel safe holding your parents' hand- they guide and help you walk. As an adult you feel cherished and loved holding your spouse's hand- They walk with you and support you. Then, as a parent you're the one holding your baby's hand guiding him/her. All the while, if you're holding God's hand you're being guided, supported, comforted, loved and cherished. You're safe. ✨🙏🏼 👫#Faith #HoldingHands #Love #Friendship #KristhianKayla #Journey #NoahLevíEstrada #fossilwatch #fossilstyle

So, having a holiday during the week threw me off. But thank God tomorrow is Friday! 🙌🏼🙈 #CauseIWannaSleepIn #AndCuddle #BabyBump #NoahLevíEstrada #KristhianKayla #CanIGetAThreeDayWeekendPlease

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