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that's my best fkin friend!!!!! and only mine!!!!!! (fun fact: i can be a lil possessive & aggressive😛)

hello frenz. i'm just here checkin' in. to be honest: this year's been an extremely challenging year for myself & for my friends & family around me. as an empath, i constantly feel the weight of the world on my shoulders. the energy is so dense. i want to be there for everyone. this includes all of you who have been so vulnerable and sharing your stories with me, and supporting the work i do. the internet can be so overwhelming & i know that so many of you are going through so much pain & truly do not know how to deal with it. as someone that is very vocal about my healing journey, it's important to note that healing doesn't necessarily mean "happiness" or being "positive". for those of you have been keeping up with the podcast ~ our last episode featured transformational coach @razsoos & we talked about the importance of accepting ourselves as is. meaning, accepting our emotions without any judgement. with so much stigma surrounding mental health, it feels impossible to reach out. it feels impossible to access those "positive" emotions. that's not the answer. it is to be accepting of yourself. and being authentic to yourself and those around you where you can really begin to heal. nothing hurts me more than to know someone took their life because of the pain they were feeling. everyday felt like a battle. i want you to know, i get it. i know it too well. and i want you to know there is so much knowledge out there to access now. beyond the surface of what we are constantly fed. there is so much hope. you are here. you are light. you matter. this existence matters. even when it feels like it doesnt. it does. you are loved. i love you all. takecare of yourselves. please. ❤️ #suicidepreventionmonth ps. thx @bsinghh for capturing this unnecessarily senti video of me lololol

wake me up when september ends........ thx

felt like a likkle fairy 🌸 still cant believe i got to open & close this show✨ brought flower city to the runway🌸 @manikjassal !!!!

it's fashion people!!!!!!!! @manikjassal
ph: @tianxiaozhang

THE QUEEN!!!! SUCH FASHION!!!!! you did it!!! we did it!! this was our first time walking the @TFW runway & it literally felt like everything we have done before was in preparation for this moment. and wow, i cant even imagine what's to come. i remember 5 years ago, getting dressed up to go to fashion week without having any ticket to any show, somehow sneaking in backstage to the hair and makeup section just to catch a glimpse of all the beautiful chaos. i wanted it so bad. of course, i stood out bc i was the only brown girl in there and got kicked out by security lolol. my cousin @soniak808 yelled at me afterwards saying we cant be doing this shit anymore and trying to sneak in only to get kicked out. that same year, i met @manikjassal at a photo shoot and we instantly clicked. to see her rise so quickly in the last 5 years has been such a treat. and with every piece, every collection, every show - it takes so much time, love, precision and passion. i'm in awe of watching you work & create things so effortlessly. how much you are dedicated to your craft. you deserve all the applause and all the respect. even with something so tragic happening, you and @wakeandbake_sj took the grief and turned it into something so special. this show was so much more meaningful because of it. 🐝 to be able to open and close this show was a dream come true!!!! and seeing lehngas and saris take over the runway at toronto fashion week was unreal!!!! im gon go ahead and say you're the first to do it😛 love you!!!!!!! i will forever bow down to you!!! ❤️ph: @georgepimentel1

fashion week begins 💰💰💰 im so excited for @manikjassal's latest collection to launch at @TFW tom!!! 🙌🏾 ph: @raadrahman

recreation of "three girls" by amrita sher-gil, 1935. -------------------------------------------------- my sisters and i have been wanting to recreate this image the moment we came across it. i didn't know about amrita sher-gil's life and work until my 20's. i felt so ashamed - how could i not know about this phenomenal womxn who has really paved a way for south asian artists, especially those who are living in the diaspora? this is why i made it a priority to document the artists around me and their stories. to share my story. i came across her work at a time where i was yearning to see more brown womxn that were artists. this painting really evoked something in me. it felt so familiar, so nostalgic. "Three Girls" reminded me of my sisters @rupikaur_ and @_keeratkaur when we first started our journeys as artists. and i have literally no words to describe that type of power. to feel as if we've been bounded by our sisterhood for countless lifetimes. to know that this type of sisterhood existed before us. and will continue after us. in a time where it was incredibly rare to see womxn of colour become high-profile artists, amrita did just that. she was born to a sikh father and a hungarian jewish mother. she was only 28 years old when she had passed. to know that she was my age and she left such an impact gives me so much hope. 83 years after this painting was created - our sister and a revolutionary artist herself, @bsinghh brought this image to life. thank you amrita for giving us a purpose as artists. to create work that moves people. that's constantly changing the perceptions of brown womxn. thank you for leading the way. for telling us that we have the potential to do the same for generations after us. to my sisters, @rupikaur_ + @keeratkaur_ + @bsinghh + @studio905_ ~ this journey would not exist without you. this image is a reminder of why we create in the first place. why we are connected. you each embody so much strength, resilience and femininity. and my life would not be the same without your presence. thank you for challenging the norms. you are all pieces of art. i love you.

waiting for the next person to test me 🙃.
yooooo guess who's walkin' her first @tfw show next week???? i get to open for @manikjassal's latest collection 'free spirit' ✨ dedicated to our late friend honey. support the sis & get your tix at: torontofashionweek.to 🌟 ph: @raadrahman | mua: @yasmiinee_l


the wind u guys, is this necessary

hey u guys here's a pic of me & it has literally nothing to do w anything but i feel the need to tell u to feel motivated bc isnt that what ig is about?????? so here i am saying haha!!! get urs!!! life live!!!! hu$tling!!! grinding!!!! work!!!! dont sleep!!!!! insomnia!!!! is fun!!!! it's not a problem at all!!! i haven't slept in 15 years!!!!! & i have horrible eating habits!!!! ahaha but at least im working??! or am i?????? idk anymore ok hope this helps ur lives!!!! hahahaha ok 😛😛😛 im not crying ur crying!!!!!!!!

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