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HAPPY 31st to this ramblah girl partner in crime of mine! Yes she really is 31. Lol She’s down to earth and down for anything! Her intelligence, spirit and beauty shines each day! Thank you for taking the challenge of coming to this earth and blessing me and those you are close to with all of your love. ♥️😘 #youngestlookinglawyer #peepee

She’s a Fashion Kilah making that 14$ Ross’s dress look 🔥🔥. It’s not the price of the dress that’s make it good, it’s the one wearing it. 😘😍 #lowmaintenancehighexpectations 😂 #keepsmeinline #31soonbutlooking16 #preclaimbirthdays #rachelhuyahyou

Big Mahaloz to @pimentalsteven for going over and beyond my expectations in dialing my truck to where I never want to drive it. 😂 VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED at first I was tripping on that wet sand look, but had faith that this wasn’t his first rodeo. 😳 top to bottom makeover with wet sand buffing, painted fenders, undercarriage, calipers, and a final detail. If you want your truck looking pristine. Shoot him a message and he’ll get you going. Get um now before you have to wait months ☝🏾👇🏾. Honest, humble, experienced and steady grinding! Nothing like top notch service with aloha! 🔥 #tacoma #toyota

Mahalo to you all for supporting my boy @blessedmma he still buss up right now but if you want to meet up we’ll be at kukui grove with Jamba Juice and @_slamskeez_ attire 😂😂😂😂 YETHAH! #blessednotstressed

It’s been a while since I got a dive in but these memories and experiences in my mind spark an immediate drive and stoke when reflected upon. Conditions have honestly been pretty bad for diving with the timing of my days off but sometimes you just need to let the stars align and let things flow naturally for that moment to come. Jonesing to break in my new @kap_spearguns 110 weapon and my fresh @waihana.wetsuits ! I remember this very moment where this ono still had a lot of juice left and I was closing in on the gap without being too excited and having him go for a 3rd run! 😳 slow and steady wins the race. @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade

Makeover Monday’s for my Tacoma and our new epoxy floored garage. Many took a part in this build internally and externally so mahalo to you all @rpmv for powder coating my lift @_kpna for those limiteds @_subo_ for my total switch out components, lights etc. @theshop.kauai for some tint shade and thank you in advance @pressure_garage_808_ for building my custom subs 😂 Big Mahaloz to my cousin @_palangana_ for building my taco with precision! I swear it rides better than when it was stock! Big mahalo to @resurfacekauai for such an amazing job on our new garage floor! Check them out if you want that fresh new look for the interior or exterior surfaces of your home! I blame my cousin @_palangana_ for always being stoked on lifted trucks probably because he always had one when baby sitting me as a grom. 😂 I’m almost done fulfilling the total Kaua’i boy starter pack with chickens, lifted tacoma and diving. All I’m missing is a @royalthronepitbulls and one mayjah boahhhh! 🐗🐗

Proud and always beyond grateful to say that I shoot for @kap_spearguns. This company will always be more than a sponsorship to me. A while back when I just started really getting into spearing Russel extended me an invitation to be an ambassador for his company. I remember getting the vibe that he made it seem as if I was doing him a favor by jumping on his ambassador team. I was blown away by his humility and sincere desire for me to simply excel upon my passion for spearfishing. I’ve never looked back ever since using his guns and knew from the moment I shot his gun that they were dialed. Made with love, passion, and extreme ocd skills 😂 this work of art is an expression of his experience in wood working and attention to functionality. Russel is really a man of few words, but I don’t blame him because he lets his work do the talking! Mahalo for another 🔥 build! Can’t wait to put this Pink panther to use!!! If you are juggling which gun to purchase next, don’t hesitate and put a KAP on it. @kap_spearguns #teamkap

Just finished cutting hair tonight and took a moment to reflect on the good times I shared with my girlie this past week at DizKnee Land! Sore throat from screaming YAH YOU and YESSAH BLESSAH super loud but it was all worth it. 😂😂Thank you for always making life smooth sailing QT🍰. 😘😘 #touristkinetingzz #pardonme #areyouguystogether 😂😂😂

Truly grateful and humbled for the time sacrificed and the knowledge shared from my trainers and co workers in preparing me to become a jet ski operator. The Hawaiian ‘Olelo no’eau that says, ‘a’ohe pau ka ‘ike I ka hālau ho’okahi (all knowledge is not learned in just one school) shined so much truth as I have been able to sponge knowledge from different districts, watermen, and first responders from outer islands as well! One of the biggest lessons that was brought to my rememberance when we were preparing to sail on ‘Iosepa the canoe back in 2008 is that 99% of preparation begins on land, 1% is in the ocean. If the ski isn’t set up properly mechanically and functionally and our safety equipment isn’t set before we even touch the water, when our time for performance comes we would face problems before even having a chance to execute the situation. More to learn and more to experience that’s what life’s all about! Mahalo again @kauailifeguardassociation and our training captains @siale808 and Kleve for organizing this event! Congratulations to my boy Keawe Smith for completing the operator course as well!

Week 1 of jet ski operator training completed and I couldn’t be more grateful and stoked to work with such a next level crew of guys. A crew of fire, dlnr and ocean safety officers sharpening our tools for the safety of our community. 👊🏾 Big mahalo to @kauailifeguardassociation @honolulufiredepartment for setting up an amazing program. #anotherextendedtooloftheskillswealreadyhave

Brah got spooled to the knot on my last ono recently due to being lazy and not setting up my blue water gear. I guess I can reflect on this moment for now 😂 @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade PC: @marikoko11 @k_lum11 collaboration

@johannes_gorissen @whoisjongibb brah you guys remember this day when we tried to be all hipster and make fancy and then slept on a air mattress together while watching shooting stars!? 😂😂 #ribeyesmeksked #polizzzzz #mylifeyourvacay #naturalhabitat #rachelwouldbeampedonthissetup #keepingupwiththekardashians

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