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Brah got spooled to the knot on my last ono recently due to being lazy and not setting up my blue water gear. I guess I can reflect on this moment for now 😂 @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade PC: @marikoko11 @k_lum11 collaboration

@johannes_gorissen @whoisjongibb brah you guys remember this day when we tried to be all hipster and make fancy and then slept on a air mattress together while watching shooting stars!? 😂😂 #ribeyesmeksked #polizzzzz #mylifeyourvacay #naturalhabitat #rachelwouldbeampedonthissetup #keepingupwiththekardashians

I remember just getting into spearfishing and telling myself, does this mean that I’ll eventually see a shark at one point!? With a lot running through my mind I almost talked myself out of continuing this sport and lifestyle. 1-2 months in spearfishing I decided to do my first outer reef dive with @kaleodown808. Around 3-4 hours of diving go down and my partner decided on working his way in. As he was going in i seen a nice size Kumu, which was my dream fish to shoot at that time. After being all stoked on shooting the Kumu, I started feeling a bit weird and so I looked around only to see a 8-10 foot barreling tiger shark staring at my fish Kui about 15 feet in front of me!😳😳 I immediately froze and got cold. I thought I was done!! I took a couple breathes to try and calm down, quickly set my gun and swam straight in looking around, back paddling and stressing the whole way in!! It was just my luck that the first shark I seen was a tiger shark. 😂 That moment played in my mind for a little making me re-think spearfishing. The fears that we have in life can be a road block or eventually a dead end in our lives ONLY if we allow it to. Sometimes those fears are wrought within our own mind as something that it really isn’t. Had I not continued this journey and passion in spearfishing because of that one shark sighting, I would have never gained the experiences, memories, and skills that make me person I am today. Everything we do in life will be the mold of who we are. Success is never found in your comfort zone! @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade

Nostalgic song meets Saza and uluas. Another good mental vision in the books with @k_lum11. Would’ve gotten more if uncle murphy grey wasn’t baby sitting them. 😳 @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade #spearfishing

Holding 20z with my dive partner @k_lum11 👊🏾 @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade

A solid day of USLA training with some of the hammahz that save lives each day at the beach. I always thought being a guard was about just chilling at the beach and cruising but I was far from right. When the time comes and someone is screaming for help in the ocean or running to the tower for help you become their lifeline for survival. Life goes from 0-100 real quick but I wouldn’t want it any other way! The @kauailifeguardassociation crew that we have in Kaua’i is solid. Waterman that want to learn, serve, and protect the people of Kaua’i! 👊🏾👊🏾👊🏾 #lightsnaxtime @hoakaisurf

Mahalo to @koa_polu for always proving an amazing experience at the zones! I’m not smiling I’m laughing and @k_lum11 knows why. 😂 only photo that came out kind of clear of just me 😂. 20 lb uku and two Sazaaaazz. Mahalo @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade and my dive partner @k_lum11 for having my back on this drama lani uku that was stuck and almost mopped by sharks 😑😑 . Stoked to spend time with @marikoko11 and braddah Christian in and out of the ocean as well. #spearfish #spearfishinginternational #hawaii #hunting

Here’s a classic pic of what it looks like when @k_lum11 and I take a pic. Here I am acting like I’m staring into the horizon envision my drops and game plan, but really I’m laughing super hard 😂😂 Big mahalo to @waihana.wetsuits for the providing my partner and I the new grouper suits. Comfort, functionality and warmth are always key components when you’re diving and that’s exactly what this suit provides. Mahalo to @seasportdiverskapaa for providing me with my new snorkel mask set up with go pro mount @kapaabeachshop for always making the best bands with aloha and detail and @kap_spearguns for allowing me to dive with confidence and faith knowing that the work I put in will be rewarded with a catch. I also want to thank @team_torelli_usa for sponsoring and supporting me through my passion and journey as a spearo over the past couple of years. I will forever be humbled and grateful towards their customer service and quality suits that allowed me to dive and provide with comfort and ease. 👊🏾 Lastly want to say thank you to my Heavenly Father for watching over us as we dive. ♥️ Long post but it was all meant to be expressed. 🙏🏽 @kap_spearguns @waihana.wetsuits @_slamskeez_ @bubbablade

Next GenerAsians. 🎪⚫️♥️

Don’t just entertain, inspire. This kolohe boy was on my back all day making trouble and cracking jokes. Once I gained his respect and attention, we decided to look for signs of anyone in distress with binocs and the key areas to be aware of. It was a trip to see his attitude change from just being kolohe to having a mindful awareness of the tower, it’s resources and the people in the area! I love seeing keiki develop a passion and respect for the things around them. The future generation is our future foundation. Long story short this boy will he a hammah! He told me go on a rove I got the tower covered. Haha 👊🏾👊🏾#futurekauailifeguard #outsideactivities>;fortnite

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my dive partner and KUMU IN DA OCEAN!! TSSSUUUUUARONG vibes all day with birthday ahi action! Mahaloz for the good times in and out of the water! More legendary memories to be made! Hope you have one solid Stricklum birthday with your honeh bebz! @k_lum11 YESSAH BLESSAH

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