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Official Kawaii Girl  🔥The 3rd Dragon Rider🔥 #Cosplayer, #Nerd, Content Creator& Online Personality [KAWAIIGIRLXO.COM] Waifu to @themochiking 💍🕹

Added a new reward to Patreon!! #FEET photosets for the feet loving fans 👠💕
I've always wanted to focus on feet photography so this will be fun 💗 $10 Handlers get Feet Photoset, 2 Mini Sets, Poll Participation For Future Cosplays & Fan Sign Raffle Entry!!!
Yes, I love to spoil my supportive fans!💕😙
Patreon link in bio ♡

"I eat danger for breakfast. Tastes like chicken." ☢🍗
Super excited today getting the last parts of my #Fallout #cosplay ready and shooting soon!
#NSFW Photoset & Video coming for the Patreon Bros so make sure to pledge before the 30th to receive my 1st ever Fallout Cosplay Content!!
July Cosplay Poll will be up today so new cosplays coming soon!!!

Happy #Bumday

Little public #lewdness is always good for us 💕

Photo taken by @themochiking

Happy #caturday 💕
My own #nekocosplay done for upcoming content!

Do you know what makes you S.P.E.C.I.A.L.?
Sneak peek at June's Patreon #Fallout #Cosplay! 1st Cosplay I ever crafted parts for and I absolutely love it!!! Going to be doing our photoset and video soon for all our awesome Patreon Supporters💕
Gonna be showing off my #vault111
Suit with pride!
And Harley Quinn is on her way as well!! 🃏

💙 Meowster How Can I Help 💛
Got a bit creative for our newest Neko Content
Who wouldn't want a #neko #maid ?!?! They are soo cute and great company 💕🐾
Thinking of making a full selfie set of her for my Patreon this month ;3
What should I name her??

"Dream as if you live forever. Live as if you'll die today." -James Dean .
Trying to look cool for you all lol
Lewd shoot with @themochiking is now up on my Patreon! Subtle public lewdness for the fans 💌
Pledge to my $10+ tier to access it and also get previews for this month's Fallout Cosplay Shoot!! Link in bio to join and support more #lewd content! 💕

☣Who's excited for this Month's Patreon #Fallout cosplay?!?! ☣
Still a work in progress but #pipboy is coming together!!
Need painting and detail work but already loving it!

☣Sneak peek out my new #vault111 Suit!! ☣
Gotta finish up my weapon but excited to receive my Pip-boy later today!!!
The #Patreon Bros really chose a good one super stoked to get it all together!! Still have to do more research but guess I will have to play more #Fallout lol

"You were using fantasy to escape reality" - #ReiAyanami
Who wouldn't wants to escape reality with Rei! Patrons have made it official this month's Patreon #cosplay#Fallout & Classic #HarleyQuinn 🃏
Pledge now to get peaks at photo sets, videos and updates! Patreon link in bio ♡
On a side note thank you guys for the 1k subscribers on #YouTube 🎉 Adding a new vlog later today (hopefully) <(^.^)>

Who shall be the lucky patron!! Announcing May's Fan Sign Winner live in Patreon.
Link in bio ♡

Happy June Bros!! #ReiAyanami #Beach #Photoset is now available on my Patreon. 50+ HD Outdoor & Indoor #lewd&; nude photos!! Pledge to my Tracker Tier ($15) to claim the set and get my #Velma set as well!!! .
Poll is still going as well for June's #cosplay and so far I am liking what the new cosplay will be! I will be getting my survival skills ready for June 🗡

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