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Official Kawaii Girl  🔥The 3rd Dragon Rider🔥 #Cosplayer, #Nerd, Content Creator& Online Personality KAWAIIGIRLXO.COM for Content & Social Links Waifu to @themochiking

Check out my latest YouTube Vlog reviewing the awesome @ttdeyeofficial contacts and @donalovehair front lace wigs.
Also make sure to subscribe to our channel for chance to win our giveaways!
YT Channel: Youtube.com/kawaiimochi

Nuevo video en YouTube demonstrando dos companias que uso para mis cosplays. Recuerden de suscribrir a mi canal de YouTube para ganar mi loteria!
Canal de Youtube: YouTube.com/kawaiimochi

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Zero Two Cosplay Video Throwback

Should I do more cosplay videos? Always fun to out these together.

Les gustaria mas videos de cosplay coming mi Zero Two Cosplay? 📸: @themochiking

My Zero Two Darling in the Franxx lewd uncensored photo set and video now available on MV and Patreon (link in bio)

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Patreon bros loved Misty so much added an extra *Bonus* Selfie Set for all my pledges.
$1gets you access to this cute lewd set (19hd uncensored photos) and four other sets waiting too!!

Todos en mi Patreon les encanto mi Misty cosplay asi que hice un *Bonus* set de selfies (19 fotos sin censurar) para todos los que apoyan y trabajo. $1 para agarrar el set y cuatro otro sets.
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Happy Hump day! Week is almost over already looking forward to the weekend for some editing and gaming me time 💕

Recently got MHGU and can't wait to play it just been so busy getting work done before our big move. And Halloween month is just around the corner 😱

Don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel for chance to win our giveaways!!
YouTube: YouTube.com/kawaiimochi

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Hey bros and sistas out there in the interweb🙋
I was recently notified I couldn't no longer do giveaways on Patreon due to their rules and guidelines, bummer I know😣
Buuuuutt (really big but) this means I will open my giveaways to EVERYONE!! Yup Mochi and I decided it was way too much fun to host giveaways we didn't want to stop. So we decided to do YouTube giveaways!!
At 2k subscribers we will giveaway our Naruto Figure to one lucky YT sub! At 5K subscribers we will choose one lucky sub to win the Mini NES Console!! So go subscribe to our YouTube channel (YouTube.com/kawaiimochi) and join in the fun!
I will be posting two new videos soon, but for now enjoy the random blogs.

Suscribirse a mi canal de YouTube (YouTube.com/kawaiimochi) para la oportunidad de ganar premios!!
A 2000 suscriptores voy a regalar una figura colectiva de Naruto. A 5000 suscriptores vamos a regalar un Mini NES videoconsola!! Es gratis parar entrar a la rifa solo tienen que suscribirse a mi canal de Youtube! (Tengo muchos anos que no escribro en Espanol per quiero practical mas parar convivir con mas de mis fanaticos😊) #giveaway #narutofigure #mininesclassic #youtube #youtubegiveaway #kawaii_girlxo #kawaii_girl

Training to be the best water trainer!

My Misty beach set and video are now available on MV and Patreon. 120HD cute & lewd photos, my biggest set by far! Uncensored and cute ready for the Misty loving fans. Patreon link in bio.
Follow my Twitter @kawaii_girlxo for previews.
Swipe for booty🍑
📸: @themochiking

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The circus is coming to town boys!🎪
Classic Harley Quinn coming to Patreon! In my opinion classic Harley is way better than Suicide Squad Harley. I just love her awesome jester outfit😍
Make sure to join my Patreon to grab my upcoming Harely Quinn Content.

El circo ha llegado!
Fotos y video de Harley Quinn cosplay van estar desponible en Patreon muy pronto. Me encanta mas la original Harley que la nueva Suicide Squad Harley, solo mi opinion.
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Life's a game and I play to win!

Seriously had the most fun doing both my casual gamer girl Dva photo set and video that I plan to do more casual cosplay looks soon!
You can grab both lewd & cute photos and video on MV and Patreon. You get some fun content and help support my lewd work🥰 📸: @themochiking

La vida es un juego y yo juego para gana!

Me encanto mucho hacer mi cosplays casual de Dva para mis fotos y video. Yo planeo hacer mas cosplays casuales muy pronto!
Pueden agarrar todos mis Dva fotos y video en MV o Patreon. Reciben fotos y videos por apoyar mi trabajo de cosplay 💕

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Even Masters serve a Master🖤💕
My Rin Tohsaka lewd and uncensored photo set & video is now available.
51 HD photos up for grabs on MV and Patreon.

Which cosplay would you like to see next on Patreon?
📸: @themochiking

Mi nuevo conjunto de fotos y video de mi Rin Tohsaka cosplay esta listo para todos! Pueden agarrar fotos y video en Manyvids y Patreon.com/kawaii_girl

Que cosplay queiren ver en el proximo mes?

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Let your smile change the world, not the world change your smile.
Been super busy these past days with my personal life. It's a bit scary and intimidating to see big changes coming but we are excited to get started on a new journey in our life.
The last big change in my life was becoming a sex worker back in 2015. Thought about it for over a year while getting my degree and finally bit the bullet. Never saw myself as a sexual person at all but I became empowered by my sexuality, stopped feeling ashamed and no longer fear it.

What has been your biggest change in your life? 📸: @themochiking

Who's gonna win this adorable NES Console?!? What's your all time fav console?
I love my PC but gotta say my DS is my go to play system 🕹️💕
Wish I could have added this little dude to our console collection but we rather spoil a lucky fan instead 😸
Patreon doesn't allow giveaways or raffles 😅 so I will come up with alternative to give this bad boy away. Maybe YouTube giveaways?!?🤯
Might take side product modeling gigs🤔 lol

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