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Cake  #cosplay #косплей Live in Russia. Blogger and cosplayer Contact me in direct or use mail - kawaielli.collab@gmail.com

Do you love steampunk? What is your favorite steampunk fandom?

I am sitting in a cafe and eating cakes. Do you love cafes? I do! Love to go into it with friends or alone. Love to eat cakes and taste sweet drinks. ^__^

Do you love rabbits? ^__^
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Have a good weekends!
Recently we shooted this cosplay. I love it so much! Neko maids!
Chocola - @tremboling
Vanilla -@yukiitarou
Cinnamon - @misakinakamura23
Maple - @orikanekoi
Me as Coconut
#cosplay #neko #maid #nekopara #nekoparacosplay #maplecosplay #azukicosplay #cinnamoncosplay #coconutcosplay #chocolacosplay #vanillacosplay

Some photos from Korea. By the way, which counties do you want to visit? I want to see Germany, Japan, Austria and Czech Republic the most.

Фото из Коре. А в каких странах вы хотите побывать?Я больше всего хочу посмотреть Германию, Японию, Австрию и Чехию.

I thought about creative video on English to improve my language skills, or doing more subs. But not sure about it. Are you interesting in it? What do you think? Now all my videos in YouTube on Russia, just some of them have subs.
P.s. photos from Korea. ^__^
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Good morning? Or not?
What is you favorite time of the day?

Do you fond of reading? What are your favorite writers? I am fond of Ray Bradbury, Isaac Asimov,
Richard Bach and etc.
And how about you?

How is your summer? Is it all going good?
On photo Alena from Everlasting summer.
Как лето проходит? Напишите!
#sidebyside #sidebysidecosplay

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Super Soniko by @kirikosama

More my shark girl <3
What is your favorite marine creature?
Какое у вас любимая живность из морских глубин?

Hi! How are you? Are you watching Soccer World Cup? I don't. I even don't love football. T__T
In Russia a lot of money was invested in this project. But this does not brings any benefit for oridinary citizens. We just get higher taxes. Yes, maybe it's not an interconnected events. But. But I believe that apart the championship we had other things. We can spend money on them to raise prestige of other country.
But government decided that it's better spend money into the show and not into the science or medicine.
So sad to see this all.
But about good news. I get rewards for July on my patreon!
I will be very glad if you will support me. In July you will see more ecchi photos in this costume! He-he! Link in bio! More information here!
And sorry for my bad English!
Have a good day!

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