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Kavoi  Kavoi Productions🎶Producer 🎧 MusicArtist🎤Loyalty 🎼 Over Anything 🎬Beats Enquiry’s Dm me 🥂Studio Time Email Me🎧 Booking Enquiries : kavio8257@gmail.com

I’ve been getting money of music for a while now. Keeping pushing for what you want in life regardless of all the obstacles what gets thrown at you. Invest in your self it all pays of if you stick to it 💯 24’s till the day we die 💯🎧#motivationalquotes #musicproducer #kavoi #soundcloud #soundengineer #passion #belief #pain# #musiclife

Going to start turning my back on the people in my life who’s not putting in that work like me. This year has been crazy, a lot of people showed their true colour and a lot of people fell of our mission. The vision is so clear now because we as a team 24’s put that work in, even when people laughed and thought we was going to fall off. Who’s laughing now 🤐😂. #kavoi

Remember remember December December, it was on a cold night baby hold me tight, making all this money made me lose my mind 🎥🎧✈️💨#Kavoi

Getting that structure ready, the blue print to my empire 🌍🎥💯🇲🇦.#kavoi

Learn your history and educate the youth, regardless what’s going on in the world 🌍 #kavoi

The Atlas Mountains ⛰ In Morocco 🇲🇦 was something else. Look 👀 what colour my aura is 🔌🎥✈️. #kavoi

A told her I was in love with her, she told me the same, for some reason where not compatible, so I decided to jump on a ✈️. When I get back and if she’s not ready am switching lanes 💯💵🔌 #morroco #kavoi

The things what people talk about where actually living it. Through the struggles we always come out winning, our life’s are like movies 🎥 🔌 24’s 💯

24’s till the day we die 💯. It’s not a gang it’s family, it’s a lifestyle 24’s. 💯🌊🎥

Vvs stones video shoot was lit 🔌🎥. Got this shit looking like a movie💯💫.

Always believe in your self no matter the circumstances, plant them roots so strong nobody can destroy them. This pain runs through my veins, this is why I’ve learnt to stay in my own lane.

Ye I got money on my mind I just wanna bust these pressure pipes, I just wanna fly high inthe sky 🌌 with these wings like. Lie your lies on water 💦, tried to save our daughter 👼. Video shoot on the weekend was wavy, thank you for everyone who supported me and the team and came and showed us love 💕. To many names to mention but the business is starting to make moves 💯💯 #kavoi

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