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Kaveri Gopalakrishnan  Comics-maker from India 🌿 #GhareluWitchGirls 🔥❌Commissions closed till Dec 🍷


We've been working on an educational fantasy graphic novel for kids for a year. I have a suuuuper scriptwriter and company on board!
While fantasy and world-building are what rock my boat most, I find myself doing some solid work in the children's education field, and science at that, for years now. Life brings us to strange places!
#graphicnovel #indiancomics #STEMbooks

'Adversity'. I am not sure of how this turned out, but it felt great making it.
I think I feel clearer and stronger each day ( sometimes month) about how to clear the path of weeds, and be tough where it counts on personal and professional fronts. Nothing without the most solid and sometimes unlikely people in my life! ☂️
Paint source: @pigmenta.in

Drew a girl who was drawing something interesting on her phone.
Happy Sunday. It's been raining all weekend, we watched 2001 Space Odyssey for some reason, felt glumps, and are getting over it with Netflix and warm black coffee on the sofa. All that's missing is Monoply Deal (only group activity I can participate in)

A good afternoon. Tried out paint samples and observed kitty parties with my drink-and-draw ladies gang (minus 1). We meet for such things. Watercolours courtesy @pigmenta.in

Glad to be a part of the BOLD exhibit at RichMix, London.
My Secret Crop, The Same Everywhere and Misfits are on display at the Kadak Reading Room.
If you drop by the venue at Bethnal Green Road, do send me photos? This will be my third exhibit in London, and I'm not there (little crie).
#kadakcollective #kadakreadingroom #asiancomics #selfpublishedcomics #indiancomics

Cubbon park is one space in Bangalore I keep revisiting. I can tie it down to every time I wanted a pick-me-up from a long overtrafficy week.
I'm kinda glad we decided to have this years #WWIM16 meet here ❤️. From super @tarabedi25 being there and my co-captain (lol) + new frand @doodleodrama to everyone who came and was friendly helpful and positive and FILLED up our postbox envelope with so many letters, made full use of our little stationary workshop type set-up and everrrything else.
Ok back to the drawing board, have a great week everyone! I'm in recovery mode 🕳
#wwim16cubbonpark #wwim16bengaluru #kindcomments

SWIPE RIGHT to read>
Heya! What's happening this Sunday? I'm hanging out with @doodleodrama for an @instagram InstaMeet!This is a step-by-step of what's up. (See last post!)
So a bunch of us are getting together, (to write, draw, and scribble little notes of kindness, positivity, support etc).Join us on Sunday, September 10, 2017 for #WWIM16💌 and let's share #kindcomments and throwww some love around, to anyone and everyone who inspires you and you think is awesome or you can just drop by breathe in some fresh air :) Everyone’s welcome – the more the merrier!
P.S: There will be stuff to draw on. And to nibble on. Picnic types. Greenery around 💌SIGN UP in the link below my bio.

#WWIM16CubbonPark #WWIM16 #worldwideinstameet #bangalore #bengaluru #letters #illustration #art #community #communityfirst #cubbonpark

Let's hangout?
We're planning to get together for an official @instagram InstaMeet and spread some kindness around in form of letters/scribbles/& tiny drawings. Join us on Sunday, September 10, 2017 for #WWIM16💌 and let's share #kindcomments and throwww some love around, to anyone and everyone who inspires you and you think is awesome or you can just drop by breathe in some fresh air :) Everyone’s welcome – the more the merrier!
Please sign up via the Google docs form in my bio so we have enough goodies for all of us! 🌺🍬☕️ #WWIM16CubbonPark #WWIM16 #worldwideinstameet #bangalore #bengaluru #letters #illustration #art #community #communityfirst #kaverigeewhiz #doodleodrama #postapicnic #toomanyhashtagstohashtag

Have a great weekend, everyone. Ive got a wiiiiild one planned <3

Another Ruskin Bond book jacket illustration for Rupa Books: The Kipling Road. These two young explorers are making a trap to attract the local panther thug. .
#childrensillustration #ruskinbond #travellogue

I just realised I've worked on about five Ruskin Bond covers in 'my time', so I'm sharing a couple this week :)
Here's 'Roads to Mussoorie', a nostalgic travelogue by the author about his days in the little hillside town of Mussoorie, in Northern India.
('scuse the crops, I can't upload the whole dimensions for some reason!) I don't really do book jacket artwork anymore but thank you Rupa Books for the chance to make these: hills and green and calm, my favourite things.
#childrensillustration #ruskinbond #childhoodmemories

Hideaway, for Childhood Week (I know I'm so slow ! But I'm keeping up the challenge, bit by bit ) Swipe next for closer peek>
Madras, late 90s. My favourite hiding spot was my fathers roof, peak of summer . You climb up to the 'ironing room' which was the attic, where my dad stored ALL his Asterix, TinTin, MAD magazines, Penthouse (lulz) and a zillion Top Gear mags. Let yourself out quietly onto the locked up balcony filled with muddy leaves, and clamber over onto the gently sloping roof. Stuff as many books as you can under your arms, sometimes take two trips in the heat of the afternoon when they're all asleep. It'll all be worth it. If you have friends (let's call them A and A) make it a Tang juice picnic. Don't spread out on the roof, or you'll lose your secret. Find a nook, use your arms and legs and nestle firmly there like a proud little bird.
#childhoodweek #childhoodweek2017 #childrensillustration #90skids
Thank you @beatrice.blue for setting this up!

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