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Lost and Found: notes from a migrant's diary ~link in my bio.

kindly lend me some your precious time to stroll down the memory lanes of people who survived the 1974 war and the hushed stories from their panorama
#PostcardMemories #SpillingSecretsOnTheCanvas

Getting all set up!! ***LUMINOSITY***
Private view tonight at 7 pm!!

CAP-2 STUDIO ASSESSMENTS done right!! #SpillingSecretsOnTheCanvas

There are places in my mind I have never been. When I write I often feel like a creator, it is the same when I take pictures and play with sound. The urge is to create something new or maybe to discover something that was already there. What inspires a person? Fame...Art...Truth? Or one creates out of a basic instinct to create? I was always a shy child, then I became vocal on the words that bled on paper or images that were reinterpretations of dreams that I had long ago and sounds that scream the truths which were left unsaid. Is this all I have to say? No, there is more to images, to words and to sound. As you see, there are still places in my mind where I have never been.


Cause its Spring now....so beach it is then!!! #BestHouseMates with Random Plans turns out to be an EPIC DAY!!

When you thought nothing could get better than 1 month in Cyprus but you got the BEST HOUSMATES EVER and you come home to THIS!!!!! Happiness level infinite!!! Back Home!!!!πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’›

Lost and Found: Notes from a Migrant's Diary

To homeland and wars...to familes and dilapitated body bags...to s c a t t e r e d memories and silent screams... Cyprus has been an experience of a lifetime!
#CyprusUCA #SoundTextInstallation

And then this happened!!!

Setting the space up!!!
MEZE EXHIBITION!!! 31st March - 4th April
Opening event 31st March 5pm onwards

My GπŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› #CyprusUCA

When street art makes you look good!

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