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Lara🤘🏻 21🎂 vegan🌱  ➰German, w/ my heart in Australia 🗺 .....…… ➰studying midwifery 👶🏽👩🏼‍⚕️ ➰slow but steady wins the race🌳🐢 ➰Snapchat 👉🏼 Katzentanz

Almost cliché but still worth a shot.
Brammibal's 🍩 we had a few days ago. Two for breakfast and two on the go... ate them after a quick dip in a lake in the middle of a forest... so good ♥️ #vegancliche #letmebeatourist

Couldn't help myself but give some love to the baby... i mean... look at this little angels face 😭😍 how could you not 🤷🏼‍♀️
#midwifelife #hebammenschülerin

It's so hard to describe my feelings when it comes to watching Green Day perform, but to describe how I felt seeing them standing in the front row is impossible... I'm such a groupie when it comes to Billie Joe! 👀👅
I guess I'm just madly in love since I saw them live for the first time in 2009 (my first concert!) 🎶
I just love how Green Day performs and interacts with the crowd! Getting us up on the stage with them, looking in our eyes and joking with us... even speaking a teeny tiny bit of German haha ♥️
I cried for the first time ever watching a band perform live.

#yesicried #wakemeupwhenseptemberends #ialsoscreamedlikealittlegirl #foreverandalways #lovethewholebunch

Favourite place to be in Wuppertal ♥️
Veganer Oreo Milchshake ✌🏻🥛🍪 #liebedeinestadt #shakeittillyoumakeit

Spamming about my passion, which happens to be the profession I'm being trained in, on every platform today as this profession is facing some big problems (and so are families) at least here in Germany.
A lot of hospitals only accept a certain amount of pregnant women for birth / months or year, and actually send them away although they're already coming having contractions!
midwives can't insure, just can't manage, a 1:1 care for women during labour anymore.
Birthplaces - forced to close because of a unjustifiable high insurance for midwives.
Labour rooms - shutting down because of staff shortage, a drop in the birth rate (official reason - unofficial bc the hospitals can't make money with it)
Self employed midwives - forced to quit their passion because of the derisory wage, but high insurance payments.
Support, assistance and aid regarding:
Natural childbirth, physiological birth, pregnancy, puerperium, breastfeeding, birthplace, personal preferences, ....
Just can't disappear, can't be outsourced!
We're fighting for all the families, midwives, doulas.
And it's a shame that we have to, but that won't stop us!

#midwivesmatter #geborenmitderhilfemeinerhebamme

Que sera, sera 🌼✌🏻 (Looking for regions in Spain that I'm actually keen to visit 🌍 // as I'm not a big fan // and so far I really like the idea of two dreadheads exploring the province of Girona 🇪🇸 maybe driving down to Valencia passing Barcelona 🐃 might even be able to protest a bullfight haha)

#wanderlust #oderdochjakobsweg

Loving life a lot, but also missing some parts of it a lot. 🐚

So after my exam (I only had one big exam and one essay this semester) is done, I'm now back to my usual lifestyle of taking bubble baths at 11:30am and listening to great music.
Thank you @lushdeutschland for making this bubble bath extra fun and colorful.
I love LUSH products and their philosophy. It's worth every cent.
Just look how beautiful this bath bomb dissolves in the water 💦💕 It's also matching my tattoo 💁🏼🌞🌛⭐️ To everybody who's still writing exams: good luck! Go and buy yourself a bath bomb for when you're done!! 💧💣 Ps: there's a shit ton of glitter inside this one. And literally all over me now ✨

#glitzerüberall #somuchglitter

I forgot where this was 🤔 But honestly there's not a lot to remember when it comes to the Northern Territory for me 🙈 this natural pool was beautiful though. The water was crystal clear and it was all 'wild' 🌴🌱🌿🌾
#lightingonpoint #northernterritoryadventures

Such a nice visit, such an awkward photo haha!! So the last 4 days were quite a flashback to Australia 🇦🇺 because a friend of mine came to visit 🌷
We ate amazing vegan food, went clubbing and didn't arrive 'home' (@veganeliebe had to share her bed) till sunrise 🌅, watched horror movies and cooked pasta together!
Once again a reminder of what a great trip Australia was, to live life to the fullest and to connect with people of all races, cultures and countries!! 🇮🇹🇩🇪🇦🇺
Thanks for visiting me in Germany, now it's my turn and I can't wait! ✈️
#whydomydreadslooksoodd #whydowelooksouncomfortable

Healthy. Breakfast. Pizza.
No more words needed! 🙌🏻 (Base: oats, applesauce, little salt, little nutmeg, little cinnamon, flax seeds, water
Topping: soy yoghurt, banana, kiwi, passion fruit, raspberries) 🍌🥝🍒🍑🍓🍇

Raw sushi bowl 🍙 inspired by Maria @morerawfood 👩🏼‍🌾
For the sushi I used alfalfa sprouts, beetroot, avocado and cucumber topped with some tahini (makes it sticky)
The bowl is filled with bell pepper, beetroot, tomatoes, avocado, celery and broccoli and it's also topped with tahini and also some nutritional yeast and a little soy sauce (I love love the combo) ☝🏻💕
Seriously I'm eating it with chopsticks right now and it feels like I'm eating in a restaurant 🌸
#extradafürrausgegangen #nurfüreuch

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