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Katy Sleta  Currently on Madagascar 🇲🇬 на Мадагаскаре

This elusive , marvelous animal is called #fossa and it is the biggest predator on Madagascar. 50% of Fossa's diet consists of lemurs. These animals occupy a very interested biological niche , they are (in a way) a mix between a cat and a weasel (feline and rodent), they hunt at both day and night and are endangered. Normally, they need 13-17 km of a personal range for each animal. However, I saw these two in horrific conditions. A very small filthy cage, both animals are suffering from eye cataracts, one of them lost an eye in a fight. They are psychotic , pacing the perimeter of the cage without a break. And that I paid money to people who tortured these animals. Also, I asked, they were captured from the wild just for the purpose of this so-called zoo. My heart broke a little. To be honest, I'd poison the fossas in a heartbeat , if I had anything on me. На русском внизу.

Ну что , поехали прокатимся по Тане? Shall we take a ride in tana ?

#Antananrivo capital city, usually called just Tana. Means a thousand villages. Very busy , not very safe, but not dirty either. Антананариву, или просто Тана, столица. Название значит тысяча деревень, потом увидите почему. В городе шумно, очень много очень старых машин, не очень безопасно , но и не очень грязно. Вообще, мне нравится.

Поля, горы, радуги, все дела . Rainbows, mountains and fields - everywhere you go.

Утро доброе! Good morning!

Village living . Утро в деревне

Bazar. Базар

Знакомьтесь , новый #лемур, диадемовый шифака, состояние популяции критическое. Очень радует, что новая ляля родилась. Дайте лайки ставьте, да? а то мы тут по джунглям шатаемся (чуть ногу не сломала) , шифак фоткаем для всех, а аппрешиейшна никакого. new #lemur - diadem #sifaka , critically #endangered. Cool to see a baby.

👨👩👨🚣🏽‍♀️🌲🐒🕷🦂🦀 #canoe

Free gentleman, ladies. Anyone ? Мужчина, не занятый . Кому ?

When you are looking at this forest at first, it's just another big , dense #forest. But no, it is a primary forest. It has been growing here for millions of years, unchanged and undisturbed. It saw millennia come and go. And it is still the same. You can see what dinosaurs saw. A glimpse millions of years back. На русском в комментарии .

Рисовые поля. Rice paddies

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