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KATY HEARN  •• Wifey @haydnschneider •• Mama @heybabyaxel 🍏@bitemeals 🌴@alaninutrition 🌿@onyxandrosecbd ✖️FIT by Katy APP questions: ▪️help@katyhearnfit.com

Ok we’re back! If you purchased when it went live your spot is good so don’t worry! — Enrollment for the Winter Challenge is now open on my.katyhearnfit.com! You’ll see Winter Challenge 2019, this is the coached option and Winter Challenge 2019 (uncoached.) For some FAQ’s please see my stories from last night.

To recap: we are accepting a very limited number of clients for coaching and also have this program available as non-coached. This is a 6 week GYM program (not able to be done at home)- the start date is Monday the 14th, you’ll receive access to your program this weekend to prepare before day 1! The end date of the program is February 24th.

Coached price: $200 USD. No coaching price: $85 USD! What you get WITH coaching: the 6 week program that does not expire after it ends. Weekly macro and cardio adjustments as needed to keep you progressing and on track towards achieving your goals. Access to our private in-app forum to connect with the other babes. What you get WITHOUT coaching: the 6 week program that does not expire. Access to our private in-app forum to connect with the other Challenge ladies. Both versions are eligible to win prizes!

Prizes: $2000 USD, @alaninutrition care packages and @onyxandrosecbd care packages!

little best friend 🖤🥰

Fall Challenge 2018 winners have been chosen!! 1st place & winner of $2000 cash and an @alaninutrition care package: Jasmin! ✨ From her email: “it’s ok to not be ok sometimes, but try your best to take care of yourself- both mentally and physically.” She was on a great path with her fitness but let life hold her back a bit, resulting in a 30lb weight gain. You did this for you and you only, and you made such an impressive transformation! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 We only promised one winner but we have chosen 3 more to each win an @alaninutrition care package! Excellent work Emina, Ashley and Caroll! 🎉 Please email me at hello@katyhearn.com with your address!

As for a Winter Challenge.. we are still undecided. Uncoached and a bit more affordable like this one or coached but a bit more pricey? Opinions? Preference? 🖤

coolest dude I know 👶🏻 he loves to stand like a big boy and has started practicing his “b/buh” sounds! he’s changing so quickly, I feel like I see more of Haydn in him now! what do you think? still all mama or some of daddy now, too?

this little fella does NOT like the cold.. but he sure is cute ⛄️ 📷@anna_may_photography

after I posted the last photos I went to put some make up on thinking “there, now I won’t cry because I won’t want to mess up my make up!” .. it didn’t work, crying again lol I can not thank you enough, Lindsay @tailsandwings, for capturing these moments.

These two right here 😭 I thought I loved you before. Watching you absolutely thrive at being his daddy makes me want to give you 10 more babies. He has the best role model in you, I knew he would, but it makes my love for you grow every single day 🖤

4 months of loving you, holding you, getting to know you. Oh how I love you, words could never measure 🖤

Since there’s no possible way for me to get to all of my DMs, I wanted to make a post here to cover many of the most common questions!

The Workout Generator is a subscription! As long as you’re subscribed, it’s yours! You can choose between the $18.99 per month premium option or the $4.99 basic option!

The difference: PREMIUM gets you the Workout Generator, all 3 promos that are out right now and all of them moving forward as they release will unlock and become available to you! (Normally $100 each.) You’ll also receive lots of exciting new features and discounts but we can’t disclose those just yet- but know, big things are coming for you! — The BASIC option is the Workout Generator only. Both have the home and gym options!

If you’re working out at home, the Generator utilizes dumbbells, glute band, resistance band kit (both of those available at katyhearnfit.com), exercise ball and sliders.

If you signed up but can’t see the Workout Generator on your app, make sure you’re signed in with the same social account you purchased your subscription with!

The Android version of the app goes off to Google for approval in the next day or so, so that should be available very soon!

Lastly, if you’re loving the Workout Generator, please rate it in the App Store!

READ BEFORE SWIPING! 💉💉💉There are some very raw, graphic/bloody images in this post so swipe with caution! Next disclaimer: please do not attempt to shame or belittle me for our choice to have a c-section.

The week before: it was past Axels due date so we went in for an ultrasound to check his size. They measured him right around 9lbs and said it could be over or under by 1lb. He ended up being 8lbs 8oz 21inches long! She said she felt comfortable with me going to 41 weeks but waiting longer could result in me needing an emergency c-section. So we scheduled his birthday and said he comes before, great! If not, we’d get to finally hold our sweet baby on August 10th!

August 10th comes and still no baby. I woke up, at 4am, got a bath, got ready and we headed to the hospital around 6am to meet our baby! They admitted me, got my iv’s hooked up and all. I was very calm except for an insane fear of getting a catheter. They walked me back to the OR, Haydn had to wait outside the door until I had my spinal and it was go time.

There I sat, stark naked sitting on a cold metal table, leaned forward into the nurses shoulder while they inserted the spinal into my back. It was a really sharp pinch then felt like a warm blanket was being pulled up over my legs.. then I was completely numb from my upper ribs down to my toes. They laid me down on the operating table and I started to panic about the catheter. She asked if I could feel “this” and I said no. She said, well, it’s already in! I was so relieved, I felt nothing! Then they brought Haydn in and it was goooo time!!! There was a curtain up so I couldn’t see anything. I felt LOTS of tugging and pressure but no pain at all. I heard them say “oh he was no where near low enough” once they were ready to pull him out. The surgeons were literally out of breath and sounded like it was so strenuous.. then they said how cute he was and that we did good.. and a few seconds later, 7:59am, that cry. That sweet sweet cry, the best sound I had ever heard. From the time Haydn came in to the time he was out was only about 10 minutes!

Continued in comments!

hellooo! it feels so weird posting photos without Axel in them. for the majority of a year I was pregnant, then immediately became a mama.. working on reminding myself I’m also JUST ME aside from being his mama!

I’m back to weight training 4 days per week- the only thing I’ve found I need to adjust are hip thrusts. The bar lays directly on my c-section scar which is STILL sore!

I do a mix of cardio mostly on my spin bike but also on the stairs at the gym. Anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how much time I have!

I thought Axel was going through the 4 month sleep regression (he’ll be 4 months on the 10th) but the past 3 nights he’s slept 7hrs straight soooo hopefully I’m not jinxing our sleep lol

This concludes my caption- happy Tuesday, friends!

my littlest and biggest loves at friendsgiving 🖤🥂

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