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Katie Hayes Taylor  Wife💍Mama👶🏼Runner🏃🏼‍♀️Coach⚡️Believer🙏🏼Good food Enthusiast 🥑🥕. 1 mi (5:14) 5k (18:35) 13.1 (1:28).


While me running trails has been such a welcomed change of pace and so so fun, it was initially more of a pragmatic decision than anything else. 🤞🏼Prior to pharmacy school, Jon was in charge of exercising the pups each day, but with his school schedule being so rigorous, he needed me to help out with that, and the trails allowed me to kill two birds with one stone if you will—I get to adventure to new places and see new things while running, and the dogs are worn out by the end (Remi ran all 20 miles with me on Sunday and was a champ!). Can’t wait for Jon’s winter break coming up. 2 more tests then a month off!! #GodFirst #FamilySecond #RunningSomewhereAfter 👈🏼Not always perfect at that order but #AlwaysStriving ❤️🙏🏼

Stroller running!! Let’s talk about it. Stroller running is kind of like a tempo workout ...I️Ve found you have to keep doing them to get better at them. Anyone else feel this way?? I think the reason i loathed it for a long time was bc it was just so dang hard. And then @runningwithcadence kept giving me stroller runs on my schedule in the name of “making me stronger 🙄” and i was like 😩😩😖😖 until one day I️ ran 10 miles and said “wow that wasn’t so bad!!” 😂😂 i don’t have any magical advice for running with the stroller or for tempo runs for that matter other than KEEP doing them! Or like today i did a tempo on hills WITH the stroller 😂😂😩😖I️Ve come to the conclusion that If you hate the workout, you prob need it 😉QUESTION! Do you have any good stroller running tips or questions you want answered? And here are a few of my fav stroller mama friends on IG! @therunningwife @chelseylovestorun @fitfam6

Okay looongggg post but hang with me! “Activity kills anxiety.” “Don’t get overwhelmed by all that’s out there. Just do SOMETHING.” Two pieces of advice from two awesome women (looking at you, @alicenewdelta and @thisgirlaudra 😘). •
Anyone else struggle with either comparing yourself to someone else’s success and/or getting bogged down by all there is to do that you actually do NOTHING?? Just me?? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Stop worrying about doing it perfectly or if you didn’t hit everything on your to do list. Whether it’s with your Running or your business, start looking at it as “WOW i accomplished so much today!!” Rather than “gosh i missed that run yesterday” or “I️ didn’t get near enough done with my business today.” Simple shift in mindset. •
I meet so many people who end up doing nothing bc they don’t do it perfectly. I’m guilty of this, too, but what i’ve learned is it’s just about trying your best and being grateful for all you have rather than what you lack. Then, just wait, bc abundance starts flowing. For real! •
For example, last week i missed 3 Days in a row of Running during what was supposed to be one of my peak training weeks bc i unexpectedly found myself in the hospital with some weirddddd things going on. Long story short, I’m fine and totally able to run (thank you guys for checking in!!) but i missed 2 big workouts and a chunk of mileage that i could have easily just said, “screw this week, I’ll just get back on the train next week.” But then what good is that? Instead, I️ hopped back on my training plan, had a pep talk with my coach who reminded me I’m in great shape (thank you @runningwithcadence 😘), and I went out and NAILED my hilly 20 miler on trails with a fast finish (last two miles were 7:20 on single track). See what i mean?? •
Stop letting yourself get derailed in your running or business bc you’re only thinking about what you’re lacking or bc you’re letting yourself become overwhelmed. Just do SOMETHING and give it your best! That’s all. And then be crazy grateful. #RinseWashRepeat 💥🙌🏼 •
OH!! And this power pose. It was totally inspired by the original fierce mama herself, also an amazing client and friend of mine, @mommiesrun 👊🏼👊🏼

After a long week of some dramatic health things in our family from which I’ll spare you the details☠️😂, we’re all here together and happy and healthy and for THAT, I am so so thankful! #ThankFULLforHealth #CampingThisWeekendWithFriends #CantWait #GetMeInNature

Wow this weekend was insane!! From the NYC marathon, to friends running 💯 milers, to clients racing, I️ am coming into this week SO inspired! Especially by this girl! 🙌🏼She works so hard, and encourages others around her while doing so. Have I mentioned in the last month she’s PR’d in the 5k, half marathon, and is currently training for her first full marathon after losing 80 pounds? 😱We’ve worked together on mental toughness, what a healthy relationship with food and the scale looks like, and other skills that will carry her beyond running. I had the extreme honor of pacing her the last few miles of her 13.1 this weekend where she had a 5 min PR and was the first female to cross the finish line. My clients are amazing and I️ am insanely lucky to play a small part in their success! ❤️

Spent the morning with some of my favorite people, doing what I love to do. Quality time and endorphins are my love languages 😂😍 Happy Saturday!! ❤️❤️

This is fall. 🍁 Feeling immensely grateful for these days, getting to spend them watching my girl grow. Saying yes to entrepreneurship and building a business during nap time has been one of the greatest challenges and blessings, for real. The actual work hasn’t been too hard; It’s more the getting out of my own head and realizing it’s not about me that keeps me on my toes. 👣 It’s about giving to OTHERS. When I started focusing on that (still a work in progress btw), then things started changing. Calling this month #NovemberToRemember 😉🙏🏼

#WorkoutWednesday ! Love fartleks because you just go off effort, which is best when you’re pushing the stroller/sled 😉 I did 2 miles warmup, 20x1 min hard, 1 min easy, 2 miles down. This was tough! But prob more of a mental workout trying to keep her contained and relatively happy for 9 miles 🤣 (At one point she threw her cup into oncoming traffic 😩🙈🙄) I feel like I get more out of that type of “test” for race day than the physical gains bc learning how to stay strong while trying to run fast when a kid is screaming is synonymous with a lot of the race day craziness in that anything can happen and you gotta learn to adapt on the fly lol. If you don’t have a kid and want to practice this whole mental adaptation thing during a workout, then just put yourself in a precarious situation like wearing shorts that don’t quite fit right, going on a new route you’re not sure of, running with an almost dead watch, etc and see how you respond! It’s good practice! Any of you have your own mental adaptation secrets you want to share?!#HappyRunning !❤️

In our element 😉🌲

My hope is to foster a sense of empowerment among the women I get to coach. #WomenSupportingWomenIsAnAwesomeThing . Love these two gals ❤️💪🏼

Came across this photo from the summer and it made me want popsicles. So I’m going to whip up a batch of my fav healthy pumpkin spiced popsicles bc we’re basic and omg 😍 Swipe right for the recipe!

I thought building a business would be about numbers and sales, or saying *just* the right thing to convince someone to hire me or buy my product 🙄🤷🏼‍♀️. I was so wrong 😂 And I’m glad I was bc I’m terrible at selling things. And even tho I still don’t know what I’m doing half the time, my businesses are growing so I guess I’m doing something right? 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 What I’ve realized? It’s allll about relationships!! We ALL crave deep friendships beyond this tiny screen-I think mostly bc it’s so rare to have real connections in 2017. If that doesn’t exist for you, create it yourself! And then when no one shows up, keep showing up because eventually they will and you’ll have an amazing community of friends as a result (have I mentioned how awesome this lady gang is 👆🏼?) Create bonds, relentlessly pour into others and unapologetically believe in their potential. ❤️💪🏼 #WisdomWednesday

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