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Katie Hayes Taylor  Empowering women to become their best selves💫 Wife+Mom❤️ Believer🙏🏼 Runner 🏃🏼‍♀️Coach⚡️ 1 mi(5:14) 5k(18:35) 13.1(1:28) Newbie trail/ultra runner!⛰

Summer nights 💦😍

Summer running in Knoxville is...dare i say pleasant? Mild? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Anything compared to Memphis heat is pleasant tbh. Memphis Runner’s, i salute you and i miss you 💔 If you’re training this summer and you’re somewhere like Memphis, Houston, or New Orleans (High heat + smothering humidity), you’ll be tougher for it in the fall. 💪🏼 #PoorMansAltitude

Our nephew stayed with us for a week, and i am tired. Great story, right? 😂😂 #HowDoTheyHaveSoMuchEnergy

3 races in 3 weeks, 3 big PRs (she averaged 7:14 pace for her 5k this weekend in 90 degree Memphis heat!) 🙌🏼🔥 What changed? Cat had a huge mental shift about a month ago. “Now, i just focus on giving it my best and letting go of everything else that’s out of my control like wind, heat, and other external factors. I just run my hardest.” AMEN. This lady inspires me to no end.

Swipe right. My abs may or may not ever look the same after carrying Emerson; my stomach is still pretty soft and a little saggy lol, and there’s no eloquent way to say that. For the most part, I’m not concerned with aesthetics (I’m human and I identify most with enneagram 3 lol so of course i can’t say i don’t care, but you get it)—my primary question instead is how functional is my body and how will it help me reach my running goals? ✊🏼

I leave the room for just a second to go flip the burgers 🤣🙄 #ItsWashableButStill .😬🤦🏼‍♀️ #MyWarriorPrincess lol

A little dramatized photo 😉but this was one of my last mountain runs before #QuestfortheCrest 50k, and i was excited to cash in on all the monotonous strength training, treadmill hikes, parking garage repeats, and wall sits i did in preparation for so much climbing during the race. While training in a flat city like Memphis isn’t ideal, it is most definitely doable!! You just have to get creative with your training and be willing to embrace the days that don’t make for sexy posts on @strava 😜And then you’re rewarded with a beautiful and challenging course that makes all the hard work worth it. It was a really good experience, all of it. I took a full week off with zero exercise after the race—l do this a few times a year and also prescribe it to my athletes after goal races. I’ve been easing back into things the last week or so, and I’m hoping to gain some leg speed back that i lost from all the slow climbing. Speed returns pretty quickly, and i find it pairs nicely with hot summer days since the pain is over quickly 😉🔥 Looking forward to some road 5ks and 10ks this summer, and excited to see where I’m at in a couple months!

☺️💓 We danced the night away (well, until her bedtime at least 😉).. Congrats to the beautiful and happy couple! Love you guys! #3PMWedding #Genius

Currently with the fam driving through Nashville, and it reminded me of this awesome lady and all she’s overcome this year! Stacie is a super strong masters runner, and we focused on the half marathon this spring. There are definite considerations to make when training past 40. It’s totally doable to PR, especially if you found running later in life, but things need to be adjusted as your body doesn’t recover quite as well. Stacie has done an amazing job at accepting those small changes, and all the discipline paid off this spring at one of the hardest half marathons I, personally, have ever raced, Nashville Rock’n’roll. Holy hills 🤪⛰. So proud of you, Stacie ❤️😘

When I was training for this race, I poured over other runners’ race reports trying to somehow prepare myself. They were helpful in a lot of ways. If you’re curious about what it actually was like racing #QuestForTheCrest 50k, or you’re thinking about attempting it yourself, I wrote about my experience and all the details. It’s pretty lengthy, but I hope it helps or encourages someone out there—that you’re capable of wayyyy more than you think ❤️🙌🏼#LinkInBio

🎼 I pointed to the sky and now you wanna fly ⠀
I am your biggest fan ⠀
I hope you know I am ⠀
But do you think you can somehow ⠀
Slow down🎼

“Did we really just do that?” 😳🤣⛰ What.A.Day. All spring I trained with one goal in mind: Quest for the Crest. Known as the most difficult 50k in the United States. About 12,000 feet of gain and 12,000 feet of descent. I say that only because you guys know climbing and hills are not my natural strength, but I signed up for this to challenge myself and omg 😂i would say mission accomplished. (Swipe for elevation). The two ladies who finished in front of me are both incredibly strong runners, so i felt pretty lucky to be 3rd female behind them and 15th overall! An amazing experience that was such a challenge and wayyy out of my comfort zone. Congrats to all the finishers out there today, and wow I’m just so blown away by the community of runners I encountered today. I would NOT have finished without my new friend Shannon’s positivity and running with her for half of the race (she’s in white in the photo, and went on to finish 2nd and had a 18 min course PR!), and Matt, my new friend who reminds me of an older brother/Dad for encouraging me and giving me gels and forcing me to eat them after I ugly cried at mile 22 bc i was hurting so bad 😂😩🙌🏼⛰Finally, i could have not even begun to think about training for this without help from @runningwithcadence and my sweet hubby for always being so supportive. ❤️🙌🏼#WeDidItFam ! #QuestForTheCrest

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