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Katy DeBardelaben  🤷🏼‍♀️😬Atlanta, GA

I’ve been waiting until it’s officially official to make the official announcement and today is officially the day! 😬 This morning we closed on a lot to build our next home in the magical land of @serenbe. Serenbe is “a progressive community connected to nature on the edge of Atlanta. A neighborhood full of fresh food, fresh air and focused on wellbeing. This community is set among acres of preserved forests and meadows with miles of nature trails that connect homes and restaurants with arts and businesses.” It’s a little oasis really, and after my initial freak out when Parker suggested it (“But we can’t leave the city?!”), I fell in love. We hope to settle in, put down some roots, and stay a long time. We’ve loved getting to live in the city, in our beautiful modern house, but we made the realization a few months ago that it’s no longer the right fit for our family. We crave nature and need more of it. We want Charlie to be able to roam and explore outdoors untethered, and I want to be able to swing the doors open and let him run in and out of the house without worry. With hundreds of acres of protected forest and miles and miles of trails right outside our (future) door, we get that in spades. But we still get to walk to shops and restaurants (and coffee! So important..) which feels like the very best of both worlds. We’re so excited to start on this next adventure. It’s been a dream of mine to build a house, one that is perfectly suited for our family’s needs, and I can’t believe we actually get to do it. We hope to move in around a year from now, but we’ve never done this before so it’s really just a guess. Fingers crossed!

A happy, beautiful mess at school, with Charlie taking his turn shaking cream in to butter for the bread they make every Wednesday for snack. Dropping him off this morning was a real struggle. It was the first time I thought I might have to take him back home. But bless his teacher (more accurately an angel) who knows just what to do to help him be happy, and then sends me pictures to ease my mind. I love the gentle #waldorf way so much. ❤️

A dragon and a firefighter. 🐉🚒 Best friends on Halloween. They held hands the entire time, never letting go except to get candy. Charlie was freaking out at the first house, he’s shy and nervous and it felt scary to walk up to a strangers house and say this weird phrase and have them drop a candy in your bucket. “Mama carry me, carry me.” But Isla held his hand and any worries he had totally melted away. Together they marched from house to house, chattering about jack o lanterns and giant spiderwebs and skeletons without heads. He had the BEST time. Isn’t that what a best friend is for? To brave the scary things with you and share some confidence when you can’t find it in yourself? This friendship, nearly as old as he is, just melts my heart! Happy Halloween!

Scroll through to see these two last year as Pebbles and Bam Bam! 😍

Parenting is so hard sometimes. We hit a wall recently with Charlie’s sleep (or lack thereof) and he was fighting sleep for 2, 3, even 4 hours after putting him to bed. And if that basic need of sleep isn’t met, then nothing else goes well. Tantrums get turned up to 11, every little thing turns in to a fight, power struggles abound as parent and child try to force their will. Ugh, it’s exhausting and these past few weeks have had me questioning my worth as a mother. 😔 But! In a moment of clarity, I realized I needed to make his room a soft, safe haven, free of distractions. Literally all distractions. Books moved to our room. No toys allowed, not a one. Closet has been locked. The light switch has been made completely Charlie proof. The only things in this room besides his bed now are a fan for noise and his projector for a night light. And I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it has made! Our boy is back. He is sleeping again and balance is restored. He still lies awake for a bit and calls us to come back in, but the fun distractions that he used to keep himself up are gone so now he has nothing to do but sleep when he is supposed to sleep.
I guess I’m just saying all this because as parents, sometimes we need to be reminded that the simplest answers are sometimes the best. And that it’s okay if your child makes you feel like a failure sometimes. And if they aren’t going to sleep for hours after bedtime, clean out their room! 😊 (Also, turning his pillow around to face the wall helps him too. I guess it makes him feel more cocooned.)

Just a reminder that Charlie was a tiny strongman for his first Halloween and killed it. 💪🏻 I put some more pics in my stories if you want to see. 😊

Mountain roads in October 👌🏻

Blessed are the days when summer finally gives way to autumn and the bike that's been neglected for months gets to ride again. In other words, summer (in the south) sucks and ruins everything but fall rescues us and makes life fun again. After dinner, but before the bedtime hustle, when the light is golden and fading, you'll find us here.

He's 3! My sweet, gentle, funny baby is 3 years old. We're at Disney celebrating which seemed like a great idea when we booked 6 months ago! 🤣 For a more accurate depiction of our trip so far, swipe left. I can't not laugh. 😂

The beautiful aftermath of a beautiful celebration. Excuse me while I take a nap now. 😴

"Just a little party for the birthday boy" I said. "Just a few balloons and some friends" I said. But 🤷🏼‍♀️ I've never been able to hold back when it comes to celebrating.

Finally old enough to decorate the Trader Joe's halloween house! 🙌🏻 #milestones

Parker gave me a weekend to myself (‼️) by packing himself and Charlie up and heading to the inlaws. Only problem? Ive suddenly fallen ill and am spending my time right here, feeling miserable. 🤒 But! I guess if I'm gonna be sick, this isn't a bad spot to be. And I don't have to parent while sick. So there's that.

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