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Katy Sampson  This is my story of becoming healthy mentally and physically. Four little people call me mom. LDS. Theres not much ugly dancing can't fix.💃🏻

This trip has given me perspective. People are good and things are just things. We put so much value on our belongings. They define us and tells us if we have worth or not. After helping people put everything they own on the curb for the dump truck to pick up I can tell you that YOU ARE MORE THAN YOUR POSSESSIONS! I can also tell you that there is so much goodness in people. People volunteered here in so many different ways. Mucking houses, making food, donating money, coordinating volunteers, praying, etc. There was a sense of concern for others all over the area as people came together to help in any way they could. ❤️ #houstonstrong #helpinghands #godisgood

Today was incredibly humbling. We went to two houses and spent the day pulling everything out down to the framework. The sheet rock was so wet you could push it in with your hands in places. Mold was already rapidly growing. You could see the look of despair and desperation on the homeowners faces. No flood insurance and everything destroyed. My heart goes out to SO many people suffering! I'm SO grateful I was able to come to Texas and help. I'm beyond tired. Mucking houses is no joke:) #hurricaneharvey #helpinghands #helpinghouston

Did you know that just listening to someone with anxiety while they talk to you can be more beneficial than therapy at times. Dr. Matt Townsend said that letting someone talk and not trying to fix anything but just being there for them is incredibly helpful. To anyone who has a loved one suffering with anxiety, give it a try.

I needed to hear this today! Thanks @im_a_little_stitious

When in Burberry #justuglydance

When you tell your kids you're going to Disney World in October! #priceless

Rope swinging at its finest. Such a beautiful day up at Bloomington Lake. The water was cold though!

We woke up before the sun so we could go on a sunrise hike with @knowhowmomtips. It was beautiful! Georgia talked about mindfulness. It's so helpful for us to add this into our lives amid all the chaos that can surround us. It's basically being aware, present, and grateful. She challenged us to find five insignificant things we could focus on and be grateful for. For example, things we take for granted. Running water, cars, the ability to breath, etc. One of the things I chose was shoes. They are something I don't think of in gratitude very often but if we didn't have shoes how different our lives would be. I challenge you to think of five things today that make your life better that are small things we don't always pay attention to because of the abundance we live in. ❤️❤️ Also I love this girl so much! Everyone needs a Melissa in their life!❤️❤️

These last days of summer are kicking my trash. Fighting, messes, more fighting, and more messes seem to be our agenda. I love my little people fiercely and will miss them when they go back to school but I think we are all getting sick of each other over here.

"Where you direct your attention is where you place your energy." --Joe Dispenza ••Being in the mountains seriously heals my soul. It's a good place to reconnect and redirect where I want to be in life.

This is my sister and her ugly dancing makes me SO happy that I felt I needed to share it. Ugly dancing must run in the family 😂

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