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Last Saturday was my first taekwondo tournament. I got to meet many people all over the world and had a chance to spar against them. Taekwondo has opened a new door in my life and is something I'm willing to pursue❤️ #taekwondo

!New York¡ #NewYork !

Your lovin' is like a kaleidoscope🎶 @kaliuchis

Had such a fun day today💕 (For those wondering, it was a vegan burger🌱🐄❤)

Attracted to consciousness, high vibrations, and soul intelligence. (Swipe to see what a selfie whore looks like & @ed_razek notice me!) @elitetoronto #makemeelite

We must take care of Mother Nature and everything that inhabits her. We share the Earth with many living things, and must respect the lives of all, regardless of species, race, or any other factors that may differentiate us from one another. Though this is more of a depressing Earth Day post, it's important to bring attention to the actual problems harming our Earth. Many people are posting the wonders that the Earth shares with us, however that's taking away from the fact that everything in this Earth is dying. I guess I must be the "barer of bad news", but what I'm posting is just the literal reality check that we turn a blind eye to. Us, as humans, seem to only acknowledge things that only affect us, which are usually brought to attention when it's too late. We put our selfish needs in front of the lives of others, which ironically, isn't helping us at all and is in fact harming us, especially the other living things that inhabit this planet. Humans are the only species who are stupid enough to kill their own habitat. There is no "Planet B", and there is no other home like our Earth🌎 #earthday #earthdayiseveryday 🌱❤ Photo Credits: @they_call_me_future // @a_lallie // @rob____banks

When I need you most, it's a hit or miss

Adopt don't shop! Millions of dogs are waiting to be adopted in animal shelters. However millions are being euthanized, gassed, and shot in the head annually. #nationalpuppyday

Look at this fluffy Beaut💕🐶

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@soaestheticshop is an online store that sells a bunch of cute clothes and accessories! You should go check them out and use my promo code "katycatbrianna" for a 10% discount #soaestheticshop #fashion #girlpower💕

Iconic @rob____banks. Fur being fashionable doesn't justify the injustice animals must face.

Amor Prohibido🌹

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