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Katt Rockell  SoulSingin’ CurlyGirl that makes bomb🍸🍹 Singer/Songwriter - Rick Ross (MaybachMusic V), TheLox, DaveEast, BudaDaFuture & GrandzMuzik

“It’s like she got a glow or something”💫 #Focused

#MOOD all day ... 🧡💫🏆

Happy Birthday @budadafuture‼️
On this day God put a bunch of really fly stuff in a pot and made you...can't say enough, can't say too little. Just an all around ray of light. The world ain't ready. 🧡 💫
Oh...and them beats you be making are 🔥🔥🔥👌🏽 🎶 😉

NYC Nights ♦️
📷: XL

Going thru my Music Feed, always looking for talented producers and artists to work with www.musicfeedpro.com #artist #producer #musicfeedpro)

I’m just happy to see the sunshine ☀️

😉 ... Homemade Flaxseed Hair Gel

✍🏽 “The vision in my mind, got me not wanting to open up my eyes ... in this world so cold, I been searchin’ deep inside for something more ... got my brother locked up - he tryin’...try’na keep my momma from dying, swear sometimes can’t help from cryin’ , living day to day ... giving up is harder than winning, this Music keeps me from sinnin’, but sometimes this worlds hard to live in, need somewhere to go .... I just wanna BE FREE” ... BE FREE (from my Beats & Blues Vol 1 sampler) Some of the realist sh#t I ever wrote🙏🏽

Classic #WhitneyHouston 🧡 🎶

Was just listening 2 #MaybachMusicV which was released around this time last year on the @richforever #RatherYouThanMe album ... I’m still so grateful to be a part of such an amazing body of work. @budadafuture @grandzmuzik this was a crazy night Lol 😂🤣🥂🥂

“Put your drinks up...it’s a celebration every time we link up...” 🥂

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