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Katrine 🇳🇴  M.D. Doctor of medicine👩🏼‍⚕️ Anesthesiology residency Norwegian Army Officer Candidate School No pain no gain 💪🏼😉

My bedroom during the battle of Tal Afar in August. Far enough above the ground so that the scorpions couldn't join me at night time 🦂😅 And thanks to my mosquito net I didn't get any bug bites either 🙏🏼 The only thing that kept me awake was the massive artillery strikes during the nights.
#volunteer #frontline #doctor #humanitarianmission #talafar #iraq #mi28 #attack #helicopter
#frivillig #lege #humanitærtarbeid #irak

When you have chest on your training program, but you're at the frontline during the battle of Tal Afar 😯😬 Weighted push-ups in 50 degrees Celsius, almost burned my hands on the Abrams 💪🏼😅🤚🏼 August 2017 #chestday #workout #doctor #frontline #talafer #iraq #cryeprecision #tank #abrams

The battle of Tal Afar west of Mosul is over. It took 12 days before full liberation of the city of Tal Afar and surrounding areas was officially declared. The first day of the offensive we received a lot of IDF (indirect fire) around the CCP (casualty collection point), and after some close calls we had to take cover from our unarmed vehicles. The last picture shows me hiding behind the engine of our ambulance. Due to the open desert landscape and the ISOF's (Iraqi Special Operation Forces) breaching of Tal Afar we had no shelters the first few days before we could advance into former IS (Islamic State) held houses. Together with my colleagues in @global.response we treated several severely injured soldiers during the first days of the intense battle, co-located with ISOF medics. Thanks to @equipnor_as for providing me Crye Precision G3 combat pants amongst other gear!
The IS total casualties in the blitzkrieg during the period from August 20 to 31 were more than 2,000 terrorists and over 50 suicide bombers, along with destroying and detonating of 77 car bombs, 71 booby-trapped buildings and 990 roadside bombs. More than 40,000 Iraqi fighters from the Iraqi army, federal police, Rapid Response forces and CTS forces (Counter terrorism service), in addition to ten brigades of the paramilitary Hashd al-Shaabi fighters, participated in the offensive, which was supported by Iraqi and international coalition aircrafts.
#volunteer #frontline #doctor #talafar #iraq #littmann #pink #stethoscope #511 #cryeprecision #g3 #combatpants #humanitarianmission
#frivillig #lege #krigsskader #humanitærtarbeid #irak

Eat, sleep, train, repeat - at yet another military gym 💪🏼 #doc #military #gym #workout

Lately it's been a huge military step up around Tal Afar, an ISIS-held town west of Mosul. I'm currently working as a volunteer doctor for @global.response at the frontline and we have received hundreds of IDP's (internally displaced personnel) every day, after they have managed to escape from ISIS-controlled areas and been walking 15-25 hours in 45-50 degrees Celsius. We've given the sick and exhausted IDP's medical treatment and water before they get transported by Iraqi security forces to refugee camps in the outskirts of Mosul. Many civilians get shot and killed by ISIS during their escape; we've received plenty of such first hand reports.
Iraqi security forces and coalition forces are preparing their ground offensive to drive out Islamic State from Tal Afar. Massive strikes towards the city have been going on for some time. Tal Afar and the surrounding area is one of the last pockets territory held by ISIS in Nineveh since August 2014, when the militants occupied a third of Iraq to proclaim it's self-styled “caliphate”. Victory was declared against them in July in Mosul. (Note: All info is in the medias)
If you're interested in volunteer work at the frontline, please contact www.global-response.org 🙂 #volunteer #frontline #doctor #mosul #talafar #iraq
#frivillig #lege #irak

With the fall of IS (Islamic State) in Mosul Iraqi forces have now turned their attention to Tal Afar further west and a large scale operation is underway to wrest control of the town from the Caliphate. Tal Afar has become a temporarily headquarter for IS, after the loss of Mosul's Old City few weeks ago, and the city is one of the most important strongholds still held by IS in Nineveh Governorate since August 2014.
Preparations are already done to liberate the predominantly Turkmen town from IS. It's time for me to go back to do more humanitarian volunteer work at the frontline, to treat civilians and soldiers injured from the war.
Photo: @georgekurian / @nrk / Mosul, March 2017.
#volunteer #doctor #humanitarianwork #frontline #mosul #iraq
#frivillig #lege #irak

It's been super busy lately, but I really enjoy my first year of residency in anesthesiology (1st of 5 years in total, after 6 yrs med.school and 18 months as an intern:) #doc #anesthesiology #hospital
#anestesilege #akuttmedisin

@cnn visited us at the CCP (casualty collection point) right by the entrance of western Mosul city during the offensive against IS (Islamic State) in March. Behind us you see the huge IS made billboard "Welcome to Nineveh" (=Mosul area). The billboard got torn down by ISOF soldiers (Iraqi Special Operation Forces) the day after.
* Okay, about the razors: Try to put on a chest seal on a gun shot wound to a hairy chest... :/ #volunteer #doctor #frontline #mosul #iraq #cnn
#frivillig #lege #irak

Had a nice meeting with these two guys yesterday @peshmerganor and @mighty_norway 😎 We enjoyed a lovely sunny day in Oslo at the Akershus Fortress, built in the 1290s ☺️ If you ever go to Oslo, take a walk at the historic fortress and enjoy the fantastic view of Oslo 😍 #oslo #norway #akershusfestning
Picture by: @unitedbunnies

International cooperation at the military Four Days Marches in Netherlands, especially tight cooperation between the Scandinavian military medical teams 😍🇳🇴🇸🇪🇩🇰💪🏼 ~ The International Four Day Marches Nijmegen is the largest multiple day marching event in the world: 40K a day, over 4 consecutive days. It is organised every year in Nijmegen, Netherlands in mid-July as a means of promoting sport and exercise. Thousands of military soldiers and officers and approximately 40 000 civilian participants from all over the world:) 🇳🇴🇩🇰🇸🇪🇫🇮🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇭🇱🇺🇩🇪 #military #doc #Nijmegen #netherlands #nijmegen4daagse #medical #care

Iraqi security forces (ISF) are very close to full liberation of Mosul city from Islamic State fighters (IS). However, the security situation in Mosul remains complicated, many IS sleeper cells still operate in the area.
Thousands of soldiers and civilians have been severely injured and killed during the Mosul offensive since October 2016. The pictures are from western Mosul, March 2017, when we helped the locals to dig up a three week old mass grave, so that the bodies could have their own place to rest with dignity at the Mosul graveyard (last picture). May they all rest in peace🙏🏼😌 #volunteer #frontline #doctor #mosul #iraq
#frivillig #lege #irak

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