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KATERINA  💁🏻‍♀️Actress 🙋🏻‍♀️Model

Google just reminded me about that photoshoot #tbt
Question: how many years ago was it?😉
#model #actress

Two year wedding anniversary 💑

#anniversary #weddingday #marriage #loveofmylife

A big thanks to a #laphotographer @joshthepoet_creative for that and many more photos!

Recently I was invited to teach On camera class!

Teaching is one of my passion. And I prefer not to “teach”, but share what I already know.

My students were mostly theatre trained actors. During the workshop they learned how to audition on camera, how to hit a mark, technical aspects of acting on camera. We talked about how to control facial expression, especially while filming close-ups, how to transition from stage to film and how to get used to the frame. I explained what cold reading technique is, and how to break a script very quickly. I gave them dramatic scenes, and we filmed them, so actors can see their work on camera. It was very intense two days.

I had so much fun doing that! I hope my students learned something that would help them in their careers!

#actress #actors #actorslife #actingcoach #oncameraclass

All I want for Christmas is you😘

Probably it’s too early to post Xmas photos, but I really like it! And the photoshoot was today just for one hour, love working with professionals! We made so many beautiful pics with #photographer @david_gogoladze
#xmas #model #actress #actorslife #актриса

When your friends take your pictures, it always looks different- special😍
Miss my friends in Los Angeles. The pic was taken by one of them @andrea_thefrenchguy

I’m teaching On Camera workshop in Kyiv!

I wanna share all the knowledge I learned in Hollywood. And that’s a lot!
I studied at Los Angeles Performing Arts Conservatory for a year, and also I took like a million of different acting workshops. And of course worked in front of camera on set of TV series, films, commercials.

If you’re in Kyiv this weekend, DM me, I’ll tell you the details about my workshop!
P. S. Second photo is the original pic for that poster, from behind the scenes of my movie I’ve played in.
#actress #actorslife #actingcoach #actingteacher #oncameraclass #kyiv #ukraine

Happy Birthday to me!

Every new year of my life I don’t know what to expect, I don’t even know what country I’m gonna live in. My life is changing all the time, and I love it!

Ready to meet a new year of this wonderful life!😉 Thank you so much for all your wishes! Love you😘😘
#birthdaygirl #happybirthdaytome

I did that photoshoot about six months ago. I pick some headshots and used it for my portfolio, but I missed that lovely photo.
Like in life, sometimes we need time to notice what’s good😉
Thanks to a #photographer @nicolereneeny for finding it
#actress #actorslife #headshot #hollywood #актриса

Commercial for a German-Ukrainian notebook company

I was surprised when I booked it: in a casting notice was said Not a thin girl. I’m pretty thin, but applied anyway and booked it👍
Well, always take a chance

#actorslife #actress #commercial

Be the director of your own life is difficult, cuz you are the only one who responsible for what you’ve got..
#actress #actorslife #directingyourlife

Confidence - isn’t walking into a room thinking you’re better than everyone, it’s walking in not having to compare yourself to anyone at all

I’m always thinking about myself as a very confident person, but still sometimes, especially during auditions, I find myself comparing with others, that’s an awful feeling!

Then I always tell myself: no one like me, and I’m not gonna be better or worse than another actress, I’m gonna be me.
#thinkingoutloud #actorslife #actress #actor #motivation #hollywood

12 years together. Wow, I can’t believe that I know Love of my life for 12 years already.

If you’re still looking for love of your life, just wait, you’ll find her/him, can’t be otherwise ❤️❤️❤️ #love

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