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Katerina  LA based model and actress. Originally from Ukraine. История начинающей актрисы в Голливуде: все об актёрской школе в ЛА, визе, пробах, съёмках.

Blurry pic with no filter or photoshop, but I still love it because it’s real and don’t wanna fix anything 😉 #actress #Model #lamodels #Hollywood #la #california #laphotographer @woodbphotos

Keep calm and have a great week everyone! #itsgonnabeagreatweek #la #california #hollywood #actresslife

Headshots. Every actor knows how important a headshot is, it’s a first thing a casting director see, not your resume or reel, but a headshot.
I do internship in a place, where I can see what headshots actors submit, and sometimes it’s 😱🤦🏻‍♀️ I know how expensive making headshots with a super professional photographer could be. But good photos are definitely will pay off in future!
A little tip: you can make your headshots for free🤫 Tons of groups on FB, where photographers would offer a free photoshoot. Why? Maybe they are new in that or they need to try a new camera. Also you can find photographers for free on ModelMayhem.com, it’s called TFP (trade for picture). Before shooting google many headshots and bring to a photographer that one you liked, try different photographers.
The most interesting part starts when you need to choose what headshots you should put on your acting profile🧐🤓 Recently on a workshop I attended I heard an interesting idea: ❎ do not choose a headshot that you like
❎ do not choose a headshot that your Mom likes ✅ choose a headshot that tells a story ☝🏻
What story do you wanna tell as an actor?! Figure out who you are and even before making headshots discuss with a photographer what you want to show on your photos. How to do this? Sometimes we can’t see ourselves objectively. Look at roles you like the most, what characters are your favorite, what parts you cast more often. And I don’t mean a Mom role or a lawyer, doctor. I mean what characteristics has your favorite character, moms can be different too🙈 You can ask you friends, fellow actors and your coach, what they see in you🧐 And that would be your thing!
I’d really appreciate If you take a moment and look at my headshots. What do you see in it? What qualities, characteristics, what roles you would cast me for? Maybe there’s something common in all of my headshots? It’d help me a lot!😘😘😘
P.S. I know on some headshots I look younger, on others-older, all of that pix were taken less than a year apart, it’s just how different make-up, hair style and clothes make you look differently. And it’s even not all of my headshots😱😂🙈 #actress #actorslife #hollywood #headshot

It’s almost that time..❤️ #la #calilife #california #venicebeach

One of the first questions from other actors: if I have an agent? Yes, I have an agent and manager. The following questions: why do you need both and what’s the difference? My agent submits me for auditions, my manager does the same and also she helps me a lot with different things: gives me advices regarding my headshots, my profiles on acting websites, my resume, reel, answers many of my questions. So, I guess when you have both (agent and manager), you have more chances😉👍. Where to find an agent? That’s a very good question! In my acting school I had a Business in Acting class, and our teacher told us different things about this subject and invited a real agent to answer our questions. But to find an agent, especially a good one, you need to work a lot! Make a list with agents you wanna work with, if you don’t have strong credits in your resume, don’t waste your time to submit to Top list agents, target smaller boutique agencies, and you would have more chances with them. Pull together all your stuff (headshots, resume, demo reel, cover letter) and submit to different agencies every day. Usually they don’t reply and in a week kindly remind them about you with an another email. I think the best way to find an agent is a referral from someone who knows them.
I didn’t submit a lot cuz my current manager found me on my IG and send me a message😉 **Social media can really help you, don’t underestimate it** And my manager referred me to my agent, that’s how I signed with them😀 Do you have an agent? How did you find him? #actress #actorslife #hollywood #laactor #мояжизньвголливуде

Have you ever tried a digital detox at least for a day? It’s an interesting experience👍 I tried it a couple of times only because I had to, I was on set😜 At first I had an anxiety that I lost my phone😂 My hands were automatically searching for it🙈 But when you realize that’s nothing to do you start to observe everything, talk to real people, not virtual😄 if you have not had such experience yet, try it! You’d have so many wonderful thoughts cuz you will not be distracted by your phone every 5 min.. I don’t know about you guys, but usually when I start doing something and I need to check time on my phone, I end up scrolling IG for 20 min🤦🏻‍♀️ Do you feel you spend too much time with your phone? #digitaldetox

I’m not gonna lie to you and say it was my workout, it was just a self tape audition for a sport brand😜🙈😂 I used to hate this when I needed to make a self tape, but now I even prefer doing that, it definitely takes less time than going to a real audition and you can make so many takes as you need😉******************** If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. Don’t complain. #lovemyjob #acting #actress #actorslife #lamodel #hollywood

Three days we were filming a horror movie with a wonderful crew and talented director from @newyorkfilmacademy 😉 Do it what your love, and you’ll never work a day in your life- such a cliche, but so true! Time flies when you’re having fun and I had so much fun shooting that! #actress #actorslife #hollywood #horrormovies #onset

What’s with black&white pictures? Why it looks more honest? #actress #lamodels #la #california #hollywood

Love this beautiful City😍#downtownla #la#california #calilife

LOVE is... When your differences make no difference❤️ #happyvalentinesday #valentinesday #loveisintheair #family #la #california #laphotographer @josh_the_poet

I was being pretty busy lately with what I love, isn’t that happiness?👍
I think if you really want to be happy then get busy doing things that matter most😍 #actress #lamodels #actorslife #la #hollywood #california #laphotographer @josh_the_poet

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