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Kathryn Randall  Just a wife and mom trying to make a difference by sharing my love of fitness with the world. 💪🏻👧🏻

Today, these awesome ladies “embraced the shake” of Barre. I ❤️ my job!
#katrandallfitness #americanbarretechnique

P90X move of the day: Burpee Mountain Climbers. Woohoo! Who's up for a good workout to celebrate the kids' first day back to school? 😁 I'll see you all tomorrow morning at 8:00 am. 💪🏻👧🏻
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"This is the FINISH LINE" shenanigans.
#deseretnewsfinishline #welovetorun #ididitforthecreamie

P90X move of the day: Staggered Push-ups. Killer!!!!! See you in the morning!
#katrandallfitness #p90xlive #p90xliveinstructor

P90X move of the day: Sumo squats with an isometric hold. This round is a LEG BURNER! See you all in the morning!💪🏻👧🏻
#katrandallfitness #p90xlive #p90xliveinstructor

Wanna feel that Barre BURN? Join me on Thursdays at 5:30 pm! Message me for more info. 💪🏻👧🏻
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I took my workout outside this morning since it's so beautiful (a nice change from those tornado warnings last night😉). P90X move of the day is a broad jump/shuffle back. See you all at 8:00 am for class tomorrow!💪🏻👧🏻
#katrandallfitness #p90xliveinstructor #p90xlive #brightpinkpantsrockthehouse

P90X move of the day: Starfish. Smiling because it hurts SO GOOD! See you all tomorrow at 8:00 am!💪🏻👧🏻
#katrandallfitness #p90xliveinstructor #p90xlive #p90xliveround20

No need to apologize for the workout today, Shaun T. It was TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!
#katrandallfitness #beachbodyondemand #shaunweek

No one else was able to get a husband to P90X today, but that's ok. My man was there, and that's all that matters. I sure do love him! I think the past 18 years have flown by. I'm so grateful he supports me in my crazy ventures. (And he still loves me, even after correcting his squat form for the hundredth time. 😉) #katrandallfitness #couplesthatworkouttogetherstaytogether

P90X move of the day: Deadlift to a squat. Tomorrow is my 18th wedding anniversary. My husband is making a special effort to be in class in the morning (because that's how we celebrate😉). I challenge you to invite your husbands to the "girls' room" to show him how AWESOME P90X can be! Be there, or be square at 8:00 am!
#katrandallfitness #p90xlive #p90xliveinstructor #couplesthatworkouttogetherstaytogether

I haven't done something like this in quite a while....just finished an AWESOME Shaun T workout on Beachbody On Demand at 11:00 pm. Why? Because I ❤️ Shaun T and IT'S SHAUN WEEK!!!!! 💪🏻👧🏻 #katrandallfitness #beachbodyondemand #shaunweek

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