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Katherine  I'd rather be black and blue. Than accept that you withdrew | TROYE SIVAN |

@allalternate you did most of it but yeah

I got the Dragon Age: Inquisition "Game Of The Year Edition" bundle/deal (60% off, btw) because I feckin love Dragon Age; took like, 4hours to download all the expansions and DLCs and extra stuff, and I didn't know what to do for 4 hours, so I watched that video for 4hours... The elf is my character :3 #dragonage #dragonageinquistion #truelove

I can't draw hands or feet but yeh @itsjbabyxo

My doggo's best friend should be a meme. He looks so freaking unimpressed/disappointed #doggo #meme

So my bipolar high has started

Same Jacob... same...

I love them so much and I'm so happy for them @troyesivan @jacobbix #tracob #fuckmeup #love

So I found this in the library and um yes. #gay

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