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Catching Fire  mockingjay part two ♡ - t r i b u t e - since 2009 a c c o u n t - since 2012 - love my followers ❥

Who else felt like this?
Do you guys remember my many accounts?

CAN WE JUST TAKE ONE MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT THE MOVIE?! 1. I thought that the beginning was really boring up until the Tigris part.
2. WHERE IS DELLY? I know we all have a problem with missing parts of the book when they're adapted.
3. The end was so good, especially the epilogue! Guess who kept bawling?! 🙋🏼
4. They could've made Prim's death more dramatically like Rue's and showed more of how Katniss was affected my that.
5. The way they adjusted Philip Seymour Hoffman's part wasn't too bad actually.
6. I totally feel like I'm forgetting something but luckily for the edit function, I will be adding stuff.
7. OH IF YOU HAVE THE MOCKINGJAY PART TWO CUP, can you take off the figurine or is it stuck there?

Dear Tribute,

Last night I went to the Mockingjay Part 2 premiere at my local theatre. I had been waiting for this movie ever since I finished the book in 2009. Six years later as I graduate from high school, an era has come to a bittersweet end. At first glance, looking back on how I was fully immersed into these books seemed so ludicrous of me. But as I reflect upon my actions, it has made me realize that these stories have been a fragment of who I was throughout my toughest times and I do not regret it. Most of all, I'm so thankful that all of you took part in a journey that will always lay close to my heart. Thank you for listening to my rants on my posts, liking my photos, and even sharing them with others! Whether you've been with me since I first started my account in 2012 or just a second ago, it will always mean a ton to me. I am so glad that we had the opportunity to share these moving stories, so beautifully crafted together by the wonderful Suzanne Collins; we owe it to her. Thank you, thank you thank you! I wish you all the best in your future and I hope that maybe our paths will cross.

P.S. I'll try to post more often if I can.
P.P.S. This is one of my first edits!

A little delayed but... Guess what I got last week! #hungergames #catchingfire #mockingjay

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