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Katja White  fan into flame the gift of God <2 Tim 1:6>

rain drops, flat tops

“Jesus came to rip the scales off our religious eyes to show us the heart behind the letters. He moved from judgment to grace and chose love over law and people over position. His gospel was for all, his community was inclusive, his discipleship was holistic, his mission was eternal, and his kingdom was vast. Everything about Jesus and his dream for us was bigger, wider, and deeper than we can imagine. And in order to live a fuller faith, we must go on one of the journeys of a believer’s life: a journey down. As the rest of the world challenges us to keep climbing the ladder, Jesus repeatedly challenges us to descend. In an ironic twist, it’s there in the depths that we find full life.” - Brandon Hatmaker, A Mile Wide


maybe we just need love

"Let's go back to the garden where we were created whole, good, wild, and free"// Wild & Free

Mary Caroline Tracy, you've become one of my best friends at Georgia College and I am so thankful for you! You've got a heart of gold and you live life so passionately and joyfully. You're wise and the Lord's given you a multitude of gifts and you use them every day. I love that we can be goofy together and listen to the same three songs in your car everywhere we go. You are #trulyloved

Sara Grace, you are a gem. CONGRATS ON GETTING INTO THE NURSING COHORT!!! I'm so so so proud. You've always been uplifting and encouraging. Thanks for constantly reminding me to find joy in all situations and for loving me and others unconditionally. You've got such a huge heart and you are beautiful in all ways. You are #trulyloved

you are so charming

life is a gift & the giver is good

it is well

wowowow I'd just like to say that if you're looking for a friend who is joyful, fun, wise, humble, bold, caring, has a great taste in music, and is beautiful in every way possible then you should be friends with Rebes. and I'd also like to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET FRIEND!!!!

"A billion suns rise for you
Clouds paint the skies for you
Mountains stand tall for you
Valleys bow down to you
Everything rising to
Sing all our songs to you"
grateful for clear Alaskan skies & a God who loves us enough to show them to us

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