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Colette Butler  I'm so happy!


New TMV @themomsview episode where we talk about being a hustler 💃 do you consider yourself one? Link is in my bio. OH plus I'm wearing @kandeejohnson 's I Want Kandee Melted Matte lip cream Sweet n Sour color, I absolutely LOVE it! Now that is one woman that is living her passion and hustlin in all the right ways! Love you @kandeejohnson you're beautiful inside and out!!! #IWantKandee #hustle @carliestylez @heykayli

This is one of my favorite Trixin shirts yet! It makes me so happy! You'll find it at Trixin.com right now! @trixinclothing

My sisters and I are back!!! Go see our latest video (link in my bio). We are excited and ready to create the crap out of this channel! Yes I just said that lol😝

My heart is saddened to hear about the souls in Vegas 😓. How someone can allow their mind to slip so far as to seek the lives of others. May we be diligent in feeding our own minds with goodness that we don't add to the collective cancer that feeds this kind of mentality. Your greatest gift is your power to choose. Choose love over fear. Choose mercy over persecution. Choose universal oneness over separation. The soul that could do such a horrible thing does not love himself. He is selfish but does not truly love himself. Learn the difference for yourself and train your mind to choose self love over selfishness. It is when you can have real love for your own soul that you can learn to value the souls of others. No matter what fear does to you the power to choose is always yours. Love is always more powerful than fear. Choose faith in yourself. Choose faith in mankind. Choose faith in a higher power. Above all, choose LOVE! #faithoverfear #prayforlasvegas

My first Katilette video in over a year is finally up! (Link in my bio) I'm grateful for everyone who has supported me thank you for your kindness and love❤️ I feel excited for the future! #faithoverfear

My first Katilette video in over a year will go up tomorrow! It's been a long time coming and I'm nervous but so ready!

Holla! We are back! @themomsview launches October 2nd and I am pumped to be back! Love my girls! @heykayli @carliestylez

It's painful but I can tell you through experience that it's true. There are angels holding your hands. If you can't let it go then give yourself permission and safety to feel it completely and it will release itself. Don't force just feel. ❤️❤️❤️

I'm so grateful for a healthy body! @shaycarl and I ran 10 miles today and I feel amazing! It's not easy to make the decisions and take the necessary action you need to take care of your self. Sometimes life's challenges threaten to destroy who you are but when you turn inward and give yourself the love and care you deserve, body and soul, you will discover that all you needed to overcome was already within you the whole time. You are capable of more than you know. Love yourself! Ps I Freaking ran 10 miles hahaha!!!!!! HOLLA!!!!!!!

Totes! #makeupartist 😝

Good morning peeps! My goal today is to see the glass as half full and stop stressing about the things I didn't get done. By focusing on gratitude and self forgiveness I open my life to more joy and less stress. What are your goals today? How do you stay focused? @trixinclothing Trixin.com

Happy Anniversary my love @shaycarl ! Here's to 14 years of ups, downs, and growing together in ways we never imagined. I will be by your side forever. ❤️️You are my best friend and I never want to be without that fabulous smile of yours! I love you! ❤️💋❤️💋❤️💋

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