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Katie Field  Don’t sweat the petty things and don’t pet the sweaty things ✨ SSU 🐾📚🚀

It was so fun to go back to the old stompin grounds after all these years 🌲🦅❤️ #PalomaresSesiquentennial

The party was there 😂✨❤️🎉🎈 Pc: @matt_gust

It’s Tess freakin Palmers birthday if you haven’t noticed 👊🤘🎉✨ always a good time with this one! Can’t wait to celebrate with ya!🍻❤️❤️

Easter with the fam 🐰❤️✨

Baaasically black diamond ready

So happy for my girl Joe and her hubby Troy ❤️✨

My favorite baby boy who’s not so baby anymore ❤️✨ #nationalpuppyday

Westbound Alley wild rags 😍❤️🌵✨ Get em at Rowell’s Saddlery in Castro Valley!

Made here in the US of A 🤘

You know who it’s by ✨✨

T- two weeks! 💃🏼🎉💍💐✨✨

Appreciation post cuz it’s this little turd’s birthday and I just love her so much! Can’t imagine my life without all of our crazy adventures! 😚❤️👊🤘🍻

Some call him Superman, some call him numbskull, I just call him dad ❤️👊 to the day of his birth! 🍻

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