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Here we go again with finding random limbs laying around. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Why does this always happen to me.

Milk so good she couldn’t keep it in her mouth lol

My beautiful tulips from my valentine ❤️ Thank you babe @cole.greene.24 😘

Making valentines cards for daddy! Hopefully he doesn’t look at this before he gets home. 😂

Mean muggin for life.

Happiness ✨


Sleepy heads need to wake up. I need to work, but Cole said he wouldn’t be happy if I woke him up with a sewing machine. 😂 I guess I’ll just loudly cut fabric.

Poor Dottie lol

First Ryleigh, then Jax, and now Dottie. I guess Camden helping with the pacifier is a “right of passage” for every younger sibling of his lol.

Dottie has the sweetest smile 😍

Babies 💛