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well Nashville, it’s been real. it’s been fun. it’s been real fun. thanks for cowboy boots, caramel apples, country music and v nice Uber drivers.
next stop: Lake Lyndsay for WEDDING DAY🖤🥂 #uckotterforever

one time in second grade we thought i was mahalie’s long lost twin

it was the 14th of October 🎶🖤🥂 #unforgettable #uckotterforever

today is #WorldMentalHealthDay and I wanted to take a second to talk a little bit about it. a lot of the times the people we come across in our everyday lives are struggling with something so dark and agonizing, yet we have no idea. just because something can’t be seen doesn’t mean it isn’t there. just because you don’t understand something doesn’t mean it isn’t real. these illnesses are much deeper than being sad, worried, or hormonal. mental problems are not feelings you can just get over after a little while. we need to keep fighting to ensure understanding and support to everyone dealing with a mental illness. we all need to remember that just because someone laughs and smiles does not mean they are genuinely happy. we have no clue what goes on behind closed doors. we never know what someone is truly going through, we can’t get a look into their minds. so always be kind. keep your arms wide open at all times. be understanding and helpful. never question how anyone feels. remind them they are wanted, loved, and cherished. remember that they are human just like you. they are dealing with a darkness so much deeper than you might’ve ever experienced, so be there and let them know you’re there. - to those dealing with a continuous internal fight: i know that your mind can be your worst enemy, but do not let it win. you are so much stronger than you think you are, i promise. remember that your mental health takes priority over anything else. your feelings are 100% valid and i’m here if you ever need an ear to listen or a hand to hold onto. take care of yourself FIRST and always. you are enough. remember that you are meant to be here, you will experience hope and happiness soon. life is worth living, even when you don’t see a single glimmer of light, i promise it’s still there. and even if the only good thing you did today was get out of bed, i’m so proud of you. and seriously, i’m just a dm away- no judgment, all ears, whenever you need someone.

we put the UC in UCkotter 🐾❤️ // t minus 26 days til my brother and @kel_schramm tie the knot !! TWENTY SiX !!!! 🐶👰🏼🖤🤵🏻 #uckotterforever

time is never wasted when you’re wasted all the time 💧💦 #wastedonwater #aquaholic

“She burned too bright for this world” - Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights 🔆📖🖤

i just want you all to know that ed sheeran is the owner of my heart, like he has the whole dang thing and always will. i’ve never loved or appreciated a singer/songwriter as much as this beautiful man. he is inspiring, charismatic, and talented. so so grateful to see this ginga ninja tonight and also really happy to go to a concert again with my bff💛🎶

HEY CHECK OUT MY NEW BLOG “better days” IF YOURE FEEELIN IT 🖤 the link is in my bio!!!!!!!!!!!

10/10 would recommend this poetry book, super emotional &&& resonates so well with my heart 📖💛

check out my new blog, “evergreen.” the link is in my bio 🌲🌲🌲


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