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Train For Life  SWLondon PT. Striving for a strong body & mind. I encourage others to move their body everyday. I'm a movement&mobility fan. I ask you to Just Move.

|| we did it! || im exhausted but so happy that I completed the 20mile trail run with @the_tribe_way on the beautiful north downs. I don't count myself as an endurance athlete but put aside my negative 'i can't do it' attitude and just loved it. I relaxed, ran at my own pace, found lovely other groups to run with or run for a bit on my own. It was a self guided run and my orienteering skills aren't the best so we went wrong a couple of times. That only adds to the fun. Plus it means I ran more than 20miles!! Met so many lovely people, all who are crazy ultra runners!! But doesn't matter I kept going and finished with a big smile. I'm actually very proud of myself. But @the_tribe_way were travelling 2000k from Sarajevo, and all I had to do was join them for the 20 mile last leg!! The camaraderie of the tribe was incredible. And no matter what your pace we all re grouped at mile 17 and headed off together so that we could all finished together. What a team effort is that!! Food time now!! #tribe #runforlove #WeRunForLove #fitnessmotivation #20miler #northdowns #sundayrunday #trailrunning

|| run for love || I have a Saturday evening to stretch relax and fuel up ahead of tackling the almighty 20mile @the_tribe_way #20miler #northdowns trail run #runforlove. This morning however was spent down Battersea athletic track with @gorunright as part of their monthly clinics to help us all work on our running styles. Was a great group this morning all with different running backgrounds but all want to work on their running. This is actually me caught off guard walking with my aggressive game face on, ha, post clinic helping to tidy up! Right now for fueling up before tomorrow's scary run!! Wish me luck! #imnotanenduranceathlete #batterseapark #athletics #mobilitydrills #running #trackgirls #trailrunning #trackrunning #endurance #scaredtorun #fitnessmotivation #fuelfortheday

|| Confidence is key || Part of being successful is having confidence. Confidence in what you're doing, what you believe in, what you want to be. I tell my clients to be confident, commit to the movement, have faith, because without that, you won't sprint your fastest, jump your highest or lift your heaviest. Although a trainer myself, I sometimes am plagued by a lack of confidence in my own ability. We all compare ourselves with others etc. I find it easier to life 'heavy' when with another friend or trainer. When alone, I start to bottle it. But I'm also far more interested in form. So I'd rather do it properly and go lighter than go heavier and run risk of causing injury. Today was double dose of confidence, lifting what is heavy for me all alone, and on top of that, actually filming myself @easygym. Filming wasn't for posting purposes more about checking my form as well as realising that there's nothing wrong with me filming myself in the gym and I shouldn't get so embarrassed! Today wasn't even heavy in terms of #ladiesthatlift #girlgains and all the other # you see on instagram. But #deadlifting (sumo) around 82.5kg is fine for me. I'm not actually chasing the 100kg like everyone else (for the moment that is. #fitnessmotivation #mondaymotivation #confidence #bestrong #girlsthatlift #weighttraining #strongwomen #fitfam #personaltrainer

|| cake cake and more cake || for four days straight I've managed to eat cake for every meal as my way of celebrating my big sisters wedding. Set in the beautiful countryside I've felt a million miles away from London. The weather was glorious and the wedding was perfection. My diet went out the window And exercise was pathetic attempt. But none of that matters. (I managed to do just a simple 30 min run around the country lanes trying to keep up with @gorunright and some half arsed attempts at my own body weight exercises in the garden. Practising handstands is always a must. No wall in sight, just practising my free stand hold. Filmed myself on the 20th attempt and Managed the fairly pathetic hold of 5 sec only to realise my form was all wrong and my head is in wrong place but at the time it felt good!!) I have post weekend blues and feel shattered. But hoping I can drag myself around Clapham Common @british_military_fitness praying that exercise will get me out of this slump, this sugar comedown hole I find myself in. #claphamcommon #bmf #outdoorworkout #handstandpractice #postweddingblues #postweekendblues #countryliving #fitnessmotivation #cake #eatcakebehappy #sugardetox

|| home work out || I'm not in office today, Yipee! heading off to start the celebrations for sisters wedding on Saturday. 👰So decided to go for a simple 30 min run 🏃before getting my bands out and doing my own hiit workout in the sitting room. So im jumping around whilst watching @thismorning who are talking about weddings. Should actually start to pack! Sadly im not by the pool as this picture would suggest. TBT Morocco trip earlier in year when the sun was shining #morocco #procrastination #resistancebands #homeworkout #hiit #running #weddingprep #fitness #fitfam #thismorning #squats #sweatybetty #outdoorworkout

|| flying fantastically into the new week || what a weekend! On Saturday we surprised my sister by organising a surprise hen party. Kick started with all of us @flyingfantastic for circus shinanigans! @beccaspong was obviously the best but too shy to face the camera in the middle hoop! I look like I've fallen asleep on the right hoop or about to fall off! Such fun doing aerial hoop and trapeze with a fab bunch of girls! fun! #flyingfantastic #aerial #aerialhoop #circus #circustraining #trapeze #henparty thank you @flyingfantastic and fab instructors @bronwynmead

||| sundays are made for cycling || 50 miles cycling in glorious sunshine in the Cotswold countryside. All in aid of raising money for British heart foundation @the_bhf (Forgive me for wearing my Mind cycling top! But I've made donations to both) not sure my friend Laura enjoyed the ride but I loved it and all good fun and good prep for the 100 mile in July. Now bring on the Sunday lunch!!!! #cotswoldbikeride #britishheartfoundation #mind #fitness #sundaycycling #cycling #50miles #100miles #cotswolds #sunshine #happydays #sundaylunch #medal

|| Balance is everything ||A statement thrown around on Instagram about food and diet choices. So i'm going to invert it a little. It's Usually said by people who eat one square of Choc and think they're wild and say 'oops check me out im eating chocolate, everything in moderation.' What boring people there are in the world. ( personally Well i say everything in moderation, even moderation. You can eat the whole bar sometimes) but the point of this post isn't food related it's to learn how to balance. It's to remind people To learn the benefits of adding balance training into their fitness regime. Balance is a key component in fitness and will help with overall fitness, sports performance and injury prevention. As well as being fun and challenging to learn new things, as you get older balance deteriorates and this is something you will want to avoid! So start being body aware and working on your balance now. Oh and coincidentally there's the @balance_festival going on this weekend. So everyone should be eating 'mindfully' and standing on one leg? 😉 .
#balance #yoga #balancediet #balancefestival #crowpose #paradisplage #morocco #beachlife #balancetraining #gymnastics #personaltrainer #claphampt #fitness #injuryprevention #findyourbalance

|| fuel your body right || Post 8/10 - some weeks I'm better than others, but ultimately we all need to make sure we are fuelling our bodies with all the good stuff so we can continue to be extraordinary, so we can survive and thrive in this crazy world. Eat for pleasure but also for fuel. Eat with all the colours of the rainbow. Plan and prep your meals for the week ahead to stay ahead of the game if that works for you but it's ok if it's not. Mainly im ok but sugar is my weakness and my downfall. But if my food intake one day has not been as good as it should be or the choices I made impacted my performance then im learning to draw a line under it and start a new day. (Learning slowly) all of that said This photo is not supposed to be seen as seriously intended! Total tongue in cheek as not a fan of these type of photos but I wanted to feature in one as a laugh. It's a bad shot and out of focus but if you look really closely you'll see Im holding a bounce ball the only flavour I like! Coconut! The rest are gross. This photo taken once again in Morocco at the top of #mounttoubkal But although im making fun of it, that @bounce_uk really Did help me get to the top. But also Along with the bounty bar and the mint tea I also had half way up. 😉On a serious note Im still experimenting with what food/diet works for me. Certainly my high protein diet week with @freshfitnessfood Was the best approach but I'm still figuring out how to make me the healthiest version of myself, and what foods my body can cope with and what it rejects. Experiment, educate yourself, fuel your body and enjoy life. .
#traintogether #energyballs #bounceballs #coconut #morocco #toubkalsummit #fuelyourbody #eatforpleasure #eatforfuel #trainforlife #energy #glutenfree

|| train with others || we are on 7 out of 10 on my good health related posts accompanied by my loosely fitting Morocco pictures. Promise I'll stop by sunday! Whilst setting goals has its merits and working on yourself, or busting out your own gym session, I would always rather train with others. I love working out with friends or going to classes and making new friends. It's no wonder most of my friends and partner are from @british_military_fitness . Whenever I've had a slow day i am always cheered up by the fact I usually have someone with me to work out with. Nick @gorunright puts up with every day and @fredbob43 is my saviour for coming with me to bootcamps and trying new classes. We rocked up to @tuflondon for a bootcamp on Monday night and loved it. The energy and welcome from everyone else was fab. And tomorrow night im off to @kobox with a colleague as how else should we spend a Friday night! So in essence if you find yourself in a slump, having a tired day or struggling with anything grab a friend and work out together. It's the best feeling. Can even just be a walk. You lean on each other, push each other, support each other and most importantly have fun and laugh. Pic of nick and i reaching the #toubkalsummit in #morocco hiking together is so much fun. #hiking #breathe #feelalive #outdoorexercise #mentalhealthawareness #exercise #traintogether #friends

|| post 6 of 10 - take your exercise outside. || The gym has a place but for me exercise is always best served by being outside. I train my clients outside and I am mostly training myself outside. I love to feel the elements, whether im wading through mud, hail in your face, sun on your skin or you have the English rain in your eyes with your mascara running down your face. You can't beat it. I forgot to post yesterday because I was too busy outdoors! After training a client outside I grabbed my bike and me and the Boyf cycled to richmond park. The most wonderful place in London. Went running around the park before heading to Barnes for pub lunch. Home to papers and cups of tea. A perfect day. So why not demonstrate my love for the outdoors with yet another Morocco picture. Following our first day of hiking in Atlas Mountains this was our stretch out session on roof top of refugee. Scroll across to see a couple of ninja turtles. If exercising outdoors is too scary, just go for a walk! Feel the world. Feel alive. #morocco #yoga #personaltrainer #stretching #outdoorliving #outdoors #outdoorexercise #feelalive #breathe #hiking

|| Day 5 of 10. Understanding that mobility is key. || Mobility is at the very heart of my approach to my own fitness as well as my programming with my clients. Mobility work shouldn't be seen as an add on but it should be integral to your work out programming. It informs my warm ups as well as the strength programme - Where is strength without mobility? For me it's important to be able to Identify where your problems are within your movement patterns and learn how to work on them to actually improve your strength programme work. My main problems are my lack of movement in the thoracic spine, although we all have less movement here, I do really struggle to open up in this area, and release the tension in my chest. My rounded shoulders and lack of retraction in my scapular plays havoc with my press up and pull up. Here is me practising my yogi wheel. I prefer to elevate my feet to allow greater range of movement. This yogi pose requires strength in legs, range of movement in thoracic, an openness in chest, hips, shoulders as well as flexibility in wrists. No wonder im not good at it! #thoracicmobility #exercise #personaltrainer #mobility #spinemobility #backbend #yoga #pilates #sweatybetty #morocco #functionalmovement #thoracic

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