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Katie  📸 Freelance Photographer 🎨 Creative Director ☀️ Houston 🌹 Portraits 🙍🏼‍♀️ @katiespersonalife 📚 Let’s do this!

Had to post the three bubble photos in a row cause they’re all so fun and different from one another 💛🌿

Bubbles are something that make me instantly happy and turn me into a child of wonder again. Don’t lose your sense of wonder kids, keep it as close to your heart as you can. 🌸

Give me your honesty rather than your silence 🌸

The one thing that will forever be overly reoccurring in my photos are the furs that I have from @spirithoods because I love all things soft and they effortlessly make people look fabulous 🌿♥️

Swipe to see our magical fairyland 🌿

Honestly the best way to go about sleeping if you ask me 🌿

Been loving pinks as of late when shooting, makes people look even more fabulous 🌸

Pops of color mixed with creativity is my kind of photography 💛

When senior photos feel equivalent to a runway show, I’m telling you this girl’s fashion sense was so fun! ♥️

Still not done posting from this shoot or this set, we only had 3 minutes and got such a variety. We were in sync with each other and that’s the best feeling in the world when on a shoot 💙

When it’s so cold your lips turn blue 💙

Can’t wait to shoot this lovely couple’s wedding tomorrow!! It’s going to be so much fun celebrating their love for each other, I’m so honored ♥️

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