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Katie  Eyelash extender. Eyebrow microblader. Lipstick enthusiast. Hater of seaweed. @slashandlash

I’m a friggin genius 🧠👩🏻‍🔬👂 Cc: @ancientadornments

The other day @tedstryker and I were listening to Pantera and he said “you know, babe, I don’t think I could do A&R for metal bands. I just can’t tell the difference between what’s good and what’s not good”. Luckily, I was there to help. #vinniepaul #rip

I’ll just set this down right here...

Champagne in a solo cup 👯

Wishing a very happy birthday to one of the most special people I’ve ever met @theroxannecrisp Roxanne, you are talented, generous, funny, warm and kind. We will never fight over a dessert (fuck a Whoopie Pie). Everyone who is fortunate enough to know you should consider themselves truly lucky. I love you and I’m very excited for the endless stream of videos of naked bat cats now that there’s two. Happy birthday.

This is what friends are REALLY for. 🍑

It’s 3:30 pm and I’m still in bed. That’s how much fun I had with these broads last night. I will never ever ever tire of seeing Sleep. Matt Pike is a national treasure and is the only man I think is right in rarely wearing a shirt. Also, I took a photo with a random stranger who was wearing a shitty tie dye Alice in wonderland t-shirt that I also own from Walmart for $8.97. It’s so weird to see something you have out in the wild.

Happy Birthday @tedstryker I could go on and on for hours about why this guy is great but I’ll keep it short. He calls to tell me when he sees a bug. He has very real feelings about who he thinks should be America’s Next Drag Superstar. He does an excellent Keith Morrison. He can effortlessly do percentages in seconds. He believes in me and he loves our 12lb dog. He gives less than zero fucks about impressing anybody. His hair naturally comes to a point in the front of his head like a unicorn horn. He’s a hundred years older than me and yet people always ask if we’re the same age (compliment to him or a slam on me, I’m not sure...)
Happy Birthday, @tedstryker I’m glad I know you.

Who else is on staff here? Child care by Albert Fish? Magic lessons with John Wayne Gacy? DIY sashimi course with Jack the Ripper? Self Defense with Aileen Wuornos? First Aid with Richard Speck? #vacation

I’ll never say no to The Jesus Lizard, Clutch, The Aquabats or Atmosphere. 🧡🎉🧡#riotfest

I got to be @annashinoda ‘s date to the very fancy listening party for her husband’s new record Post Traumatic. You guys, it’s really really good. Also, I learned that there’s a new strain of gonorrhea that’s not easily treated with antibiotics. #strynoda #mikeshinoda #posttraumatic

Reader discretion advised: It's gonna get mushy and sappy for a sec. I love my sister what I consider to be a potentially excessive amount. Yesterday, I walked her down the aisle where she married a dude that I know loves her, cares for her and wants the best for her ALMOST as much as I do (it'd be impossible for him to be more obsessed with her than I am. Physics wouldn't allow it). I've never seen her happier and that's all I could ever dream of for her. My sister is a lucky chick and I know that our mom would have gone totally bonkers for @gilljeff80 and I'm pretty damn stoked to have him for a brother-in-law. Okay. I'm done now.

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