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Started the day with a room full of one of his favorite things - BALLOONS!! 🎈 🎉 ✨ Happy birthday my precious baby boy!! 💙 #BrooksBabyTurns1 #hehasovercomehisfear😆

Why is it always so hard to put them to bed the night before they turn a year old?! 😭 This picture was before nursing and before I stood next to his crib and cried and held him forever before I finally laid him down. He wasn't asleep yet, but just laid his head on my shoulder and let me snuggle him - which never happens if he's still awake. Melt my already melting heart! As much as I love the stages to come, there's something so emotional about leaving behind the first "baby" months. But no matter how grown up he gets, he'll always be my Brookster Baby! 💙😭👶🏼 #BrooksterBaby #BrooksBabyTurns1

Gaines had so much fun with Ollie & Finn yesterday!! She & Finn loved hugging and Ollie was so sweet to always tell her "Come on Gaines, it's ok! It's not scary!" when she was afraid to do something. 😍 #Disneyland

Oh, the excitement and joy!! Gaines had the best day meeting her favorites! ❤️✨🏰 #Disneyland

So. Much. Fun. Today!! ❤️✨ #Disneyland

D23 Expo has been so much fun! Cannot get over this adorable "Minnie" Van presented by #HondaOdyssey!! 😆💕 @Honda knows how to make the perfect dream car for families! #ad #HondaPartner

DISNEYLAND with some besties!! 😱✨💕 (Gaines is sleeping in the stroller - can't wait for her to wake up and see where we are!! 😆)

I can't get over what an amazing traveler this little bit has always been! Her excitement about seeing Mickey & Minnie tomorrow is out the roof!! 😍🤗 So thankful for a job that gives us these opportunities to do awesome stuff - especially when it's something that can make our kids smile! #d23expoherewecome

So excited that @Honda is bringing us to Disney's D23 event this weekend! We heard that @Honda has turned a #HondaOdyssey minivan into a "Minnie" Van. Get it?! 😉 How excited is Gaines going to be when she sees this?? 😱 Stay tuned to see all the fun this Friday! Ahhh can't wait! #ad #HondaPartner

Went to the absolute sweetest tea party today! Happy 3rd birthday to our friend, Sloane! 💕🎀🎂 #alittlegirlsdream

Had to sneak in and get a picture of this napping beauty with all her accessories! 😂💚 #dailyMG

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