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Katie McGhie  I write songs. I love nature, Christmas & this emoji 🙈. "The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless & free your actions will be." ❤️


Come hang with us tonight at @aroharestaurant from 4:30 to 7:30 pm for a little New Zealand get away right in your own backyard. 🥝🌺

In November, I’ll be spending four days in the studio to finish my full album. I’ll be sharing lyrics from each song on the album up until the release.

These lyrics are from the second song on the album, “Good Ol’ Johnny D”. M

I play your old guitar to keep you close to my heart ❤️

Lettering by @meg_writes_

What is, is, and it is beautiful. 🌻 “Why is it 90* in October?” Because the universe blessed us with a gorgeous day to soak up the sun. “Why is there so much traffic?” So that you're kept safe from an accident up ahead. “Why did I have to get sick this week?” Because you’ve been working non-stop and your body wanted to remind you to slow down while it miraculously heals itself. “Why am I still at a job that makes me crazy?” So that you’re able to learn that your happiness doesn’t come from a job, but from you. This list of questions could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. Sometimes we aren’t able to see the full picture until the final stroke of the painting is completed. It’s hard to see the beauty in something that’s incomplete *unless* you know the artist and trust their work. The secret is that you do know the artist. 😉 Our lives have been intricately painted in a way to guide us to our highest potential. Whether it’s a hot day in fall, a traffic jam or a job that just doesn’t fit, each up and every down, it’s all part of this amazing ride we’re on, leading us to exactly who we’re to become. Trust. Find the beauty in the incomplete. Enjoy the long walk on the path to YOU. 💙🦋

So excited for tonight! ⚡️ We’ve got another amazing lineup of artists for @thesycamoreshowcase. 🙌🏻

Upstairs at @sycamoretavern
Doors: 7 PM
Food & Drink Specials

7:30 PM - @christiehuffmusic
8:00 PM - @hannahandersmusic
8:30 PM - @theredfiddler
9:00 PM - Yours Truly 😉💜

Franzzz are my favorite. So is The Ghost Train. 🎃👻❤️

In November, I’ll be spending four days in the studio to finish my full album. I’ll be sharing lyrics from each song on the album up until the release.

These lyrics are from the first song on the album, “Happily Ever After”. 💗✨

So don’t you worry baby
Cause I’ve been thinking maybe
You and me could live forever happily ever after
My baby 💜😘

Lettering by @meg_writes_

Be still. 😌 🙏🏻 We can force ourselves into chaos because we think if we take a moment for ourselves, just to reflect and to be, that somehow we’re wasting time, lazy or less than. But In fact, it’s in the stillness that the greatest movement can be made. A day of stillness and connection is equally as powerful as a day filled with accomplishments. Be mindful with this time. Go inward so that you may reflect love outwardly. If you feel called to take a day to yourself, listen. Your heart is asking to speak in the silence. 💜

Sprinkles. Everywhere. 🍦And it was so worth it. 🙃💗

Excited for another new venture! ⚡️ I just released the first episode of my fancy, new podcast, "I Don't Know What I'm Doing (Being An Authentic Artist)" featuring the most special of inaugural guests, my best, @alexrose720. 🌹💜 The podcast will be a space for artists of all walks to come together and discuss life, passion and the pursuit of authenticity both as artists and as human beings. Check it out at katiemcghie.com/idkwhatimdoingpodcast or on iTunes. 🙃💫

Do what you love. 💜 Really, just do it. For a long time, and by that I pretty much mean up until a couple of months ago, I kept myself from following through on so many dreams and creative endeavors because of the outcome I had attached to each. Whether that was money, attention, "success" (however you may define that), etc etc, I somehow found a way to stop myself from doing exactly what I wanted to be doing. I felt that in order to do one thing it meant not doing another. But life is about balance. It's about creating a life around you that you love. Yes, YOU get to create it. You don't have to be Lady Gaga to make music. You don't have to be Johnny Depp to be an actor. You don't have to live in a mansion to own a home. You don't have to travel abroad to travel. We can do the things we love and be who we're called to be right where we are. When we can let go of the pot of gold, we are able to enjoy the rainbow which is where the true beauty lies. 🌈 (I really just wanted to use that metaphor so I could use that emoji.) Release the reward and find happiness in the doing. Dream it. Be it. Do it. 🦋💫

This song has been a staple for @raybergstrom and I for a long time. Paying our respects to the late and oh so great Tom Petty at @thesycamoreshowcase last week. ❤️ #riptompetty

You're never too old to spend the day playing dress up and creating with friends. 💜 When do we let that part of ourselves go, the part that loves to make believe? What if we never did? What if we found time to play every day and let ourselves experience the freedom we did as children? How much more creative would our work be? How much more present would we be? What if we showed ourselves some love by laughing more and fully immersing ourselves in each moment? The best gift my father ever gave me was showing me how to never grow up. 🙃 He made every moment fun and smiled through everything. This life is pretty awesome. Laugh. Love. Create. Play. 💙🦋

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