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kip 💋  [rock instrumental playing]


we're like the bangles but the boo-ghouls (thanks @jesse.tejeda 🎱)

i miss bey

i love this game but it gives me anxiety

Happy #twinpeaksday especially to the hottest couple in that show. I love this show more than life itself and it's also how Sammy and I became friends :-) CANT WAIT FOR IT TO COME BACK!!!!!!! MAY 21ST BABY!!!!!

i miss summer when my skin was clear and my hair was healthy and i had no anxieties

trying to escape the rain

bad shit

i hope one day oliver turns into a viral meme

If I were you, man, I would watch this girl's every move. Girls like this can't be trusted.

Just what California needs

thursday's am i right

I believe that Valentine's day is a scam and a dumb holiday that puts too much pressure on everyone. But I love this too much not to post. (original art by @mlinehamart)