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me: I love my dogs so much they are my children
also me: *roxy puts her butt in my general direction to be itched* get AWAY from me you HEATHEN.
dad: hang out with mom she likes the company
mom: *walks away to watch tv after 15 minutes of talking to me*
manager: you are truly great to work with and such an asset to the company
coworker: hey get on ur hands and knees and scrub the spots off the floor
*45 min later*
coworker: you fucked it up

I was listing all the bagger's times on the today's schedule and drew this cute little bag and was super entertained and laughed.
In retrospect I think,,,, why is it blushing? ,,,, did I accidentally give the bag a kink or something jesus christ no
Also my morning sucked, got here at 6:30am to put all the rugs down and they were not in order. Then I had to get on my hands and knees and clean the floor for 45min and when I was finished they informed me I didn't do it right and messed it up. c:
I finally had the money for an instant camera saved up tho so I ordered that yeterday. And subscribed to sephora play. Treat yo self.

Am I gonna take my independent woman* self and drive an hour out to johnson city for boba tea, make up, and a book store sometime next week?? Until somebody guilts me out of going, YES BITCH. I should probably make those important phone calls first and use the trip as a reward for doing the minimum required for an adult. *currently don't have any local friends
This is just me recycling trash in stardew, it was either take a pic of the switch or another picture out the window and that scenery hardly ever changes.

WHY does my nose run like crazy when I wear make up I swear to god the world don't want me to look my whole cute potential. Also, swipe and zoom to peep the toof cameo.

I feel like I can maybe afford only one hobby in this lifetime so do I spend all my money on make up, pins, sewing, tattoos, video games, collectibles, electronics, or subscription services/boxes? or food. wait food is an important hobby.
πŸ›΅ Skrrrrrrrrrrrtttt emotions and mental status update ahead:
the past few days I've been feeling pretty off. could very well be the fact I've been forgetting to take my antidepressant early enough in the day and ending up skipping it. it probably shouldn't make a big difference but just knowing I haven't been taking it has made me extra aware and probably selfconscious of my moods. I just feel like I'm falling into old habits and it's a path I definitely don't want to go back down. Sometimes I just feel helpless and like I'm losing grasp on the good things. work is my current solace. I feel good going in there and being productive and I appreciate the structure, but solely relying on work isn't good for me. Especially if the anxiety is seeping into my work. Anyway, since I'll need a new psychiatrist anyway as my 3 month supply of meds are bound to run out, I've been looking up psychiatrists and therapists while I'm at it and I THINK I've found a decent one out here. We'll see.

she soff
words that piss me off:
any combination of dog names including poodle, pomeranian, yorkie, and shih tzu
and more recently:

A customer came through my line tonight and i think tried to hit on me using a line about us both being short? I'm thinking, oh yes, we've got so much in common. you are short and are probably 49, I am short and appear 15. not gross.

U kno when one manager says one thing on policy and you fight that shit with all you got and you end up making enemies to the point where the customer is on the phone with a friend talking shit about you then the next week your other manager says the opposite and everything you did was for nothing. Yeah. Plus I'm on my stupid period and my emotions were 0 to 60.

When I say "have a good day" and don't get a response:

You know what, don't have a good day. Have a mediocre day. A 'you could take it or leave it' day. You find a shiny penny heads up on the ground but stub the shit out of your toe. I hope you win a dollar on a scratch off but the wind blows it away into a puddle. I hope you order no pickles on your sandwich and the first bite you chomp right into a juicy bitter pickle and feel absolute and utter betrayal. I hope you have an average ass day. Thank you.

I'm on hour 34 of my second 40 hour week in a row. This picture was taken a few days ago. I don't want to know what I look like right now. I'm not even full time. I just seem to be one of the only ones who will willingly take shifts and answer the phone when they need a fill in.

saw a dude put mustard on sausage biscuit sandwiches, what kind of traumatic incident took place in your childhood, I just hope one day you find healing and better condiment choices

Doggos resemble art

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