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Katie  25 fl ♊🌵⚰🌙 nerd, gamer, tattoos, dogs, design, crafty, anxiety, stutter 1 y lab 1 rottie 1 pit 🐾

I bought the stupid app for vintage instant pictures so now I have unlimited uses. I've spent money on stupider things.

You are so sweet but you only want my plushies so you can murder them


What ya thinkin bout
I thought I had more content but really it's just hipster pics and scuttlebutt. Sometimes both. This is both.

Big noodle

Hope y'all don't mind a couple filters here and there

Made one of those diy makeup brush cleaning boards, really effective and also really cost effective. Trying to find a plastic clipboard or cutting board when you need one, not easy. Also, this analog camera app is just aesthetic and just hipster enough that it's perfect for me.

I'm loving angels on my neck?

If I'm ever gonna die, I'm gonna make sure I die eating noodles.

Work so hard on your make up just to go nuts with snapchat and other filters. Anyway, I'm gonna treat the heck outta myself for valentines. I don't need no flowers or sentimental anything I got me a face mask, a bath bomb, and self care. Also because ~somebody~ I know is currently unemployed and can't afford to treat me to food probably.

Customer: I want all my cold things together I grouped them all up on the belt so all my cold items in specific will be put into my one insulated freezer bag and if you don't I will stab you and your entire family to death
Me: Kay, well, do you want it to zip?
Customer: Of cOURsE I want the bag to zip, it has to stay cold dOEsn't it? I have a 4 minute drive home!!
Me: Can I put your butter and eggs separate?
Customer: Um, so they'll get warm?? NO, I WANT THEM IN THE COLD BAG.
Me: Kay.
Customer: Am I going to be able to lift that??????? Are you trying to kill me, I'm not like one of you young people with muscles I literally don't have bones anymore they disintegrated with my personality in 1994!!!
Me: ... .. I mean .. we sell insulated bags here for 2.47 I really don't know what you want me to do other than just fucking die.
Customer: Oh, that would be wonderful, but I'm going to need help out to my car first.
I am fully aware that when working in retail customers can be nothing but horrendous and pieces of actual shit, but THIS is what gETS me the most.
Also these handrolls were rad. Had hibachi too but I need content so I'm saving that one for next.

Running on 3 hours of sleep, ya girl survived an 8-6pm shift, paid her credit card payment, got out rent money, scheduled days off for appointments, and bought a buttload of markdown cereal bc ya girl eats buttloads of cereal. I may hate myself and I may have moments of wanting to fling myself into a compactor or traffic, but at least I'm trying.

Don't you sit there, crossing your paws, looking disappointed at me. As if you have it all together, you will literally eat horse poop.

My mom is making me a quilt and it is v pretty. It's made out of pieces from all my fat quarters.
I need to somehow learn to understand that a lot of things are out of my control and not my fault. And that's really hard to do for some reason. .
But then what happens is, when I am in control of something I hang on to it like my life depends on it and have the tendency to turn into a straight up psycho bitch.
And how my brain and anxiety works, when something goes wrong, even if it isn't on me, "whoops that's it, looks like I gotta die now"

I did my taxes like a good adult. I'm bottling up my emotions like a terrible (or good?) adult. At least I've been washing my face. Look at this picture of scuttle, I had to edit my toe out.

Macarons? In my Villages?
They won't stay long as they're only for Valentine's I'm sure, so I got me some. Expensive af tho.

Conversations with me are just complete nonsense.
The context of this was that I was trying to get out of driving an hour somewhere I didn't feel like going to

I love cereal

I cracked my phone really bad and had to get it fixed and it was expensive but it's all good now and I'm back

i am so stRESSED right now

This is the pitbull equivalent of gudetama.

She's beauty, she's grace, she had a tick on her face! (Not anymore but it rhymed) i... I didn't realize this posted before sorry, my app blacked out and crashed mid-posting.


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