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Katie Landa  Owner/Coach at Recess Endurance @recessendurance | Strength & Conditioning Specialist | A Student Always | Do What Makes You Happy | My family | ❤️ |

Some people have 🏡 decorations for each holiday....... I have spandex for each holiday ☘️ 🍀
I’ll be traveling this Leprechaun day, so I’ll celebrate this week with these hot pants! You can purchase literally any holiday at @gearbunch 🤙🏽

Raised eyebrows and the “you crazy” 👀 is the look I’m expecting tomorrow at my 5:45PM heated spin class 🚲 .
I’ve pulled some of my best trainer drills PLUS I’ve incorporated a Zone 4/5 AMRAP in my heated spin room. 😳
You’ve never seen this done before. .
I find training is best when you don’t know what to anticipate. You adhere to what is thrown at you. You train your body to perform at its best under so many variables.
You never know what I’m bringing that day. It keeps things exciting and constantly a challenge.
Join me tomorrow for this one at 5:45PM Monday night!
#recessendurance #spin #cycling #heatedworkouts #scottsdaleairpark #amrap #challenge #myzone #endurance #endurancetraining #bike #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitchicks

WIN for the day?
The filter on this photo is as close to Rio De Janeiro 🇧🇷 as my mom and I got today.
For reasons we will never know our trip didn’t work out. But QT from yoga to a spa day at @camelbackinn made for a WIN of belly laughs.
Has anyone else ever had a clay body wrap? -
When it’s all said and done, you look around the tub, don’t you feel like your sitting in the remains of a colonic? 🤢💩🤷🏻‍♀️
Still a WIN.

My music style? Three six Mafia meets Tim McGraw. I’m all over the board.
I’ve been asked where to find my music playlists for your workouts.
I’m on Spotify! You can follow me and snag em’ : my name is Katie-recess.
You can thank me later for doing endless hours of searching for your pleasure 😜
Tonight is historically one of my favorite spin classes to teach. Here is a snippet of tonight’s playlist for 5:45PM heated spin.
Enjoy! 🎶

A great day for a ⚾️’game!

Look on the bright side 😎 it’s almost Friday!
Tomorrow we are working CORE at @recessendurance
Schedule a far infrared sauna session right after and get more 💥 in your training. 480-771-3894

Our March Endurance Challenge is for 2 FREE Entries to Run The Runway Race, April 7th!
We are training threshold to increase endurance by working and counting points only in the MyZone YELLOW zone. This is 80-90% of your maximum heart rate. -
These points can be acquired inside or outside of @recessendurance. If you don’t have a MyZone HR belt you can purchase at Recess Endurance for $75. Bluetooth, ant+, Apple, Garmin, polar and Fitbit compatible. 🙌🏼
Don’t want to participate but still want to race? Use Recess’s discount code WINNER to get 25% off!
Let’s hit this yellow zone and make it count on the Runway!
🏃🏻‍♀️ ✈️

Tomorrow at 8:15AM I will bring my best playlist, in the hottest room, with the real deal cycling workout. In ✌🏼years it will be my 650 something spin class I’ve had the opportunity to impact others to perform at their best. How cool is that? 😎 .
Join me?

“Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone” - Pablo Picasso 🎨
This one hits home for me. You too?
👉🏼 Be it a work related list, hobby to work on, friendships to invest time in, a loved one to share how you feel.
Thank you @courtney__hughes for the endorphin punch this morning. .
#recessendurance #motivation #cycling #strength #scottsdale #love #groupfitness #friends #strong #fitwomen #tri #honeystinger #fit #endurance #intraining #training

This Saturday is our 2️⃣ year anniversary at @recessendurance 🥂
May I request you join me, and all of your fellow athletes who have kept this place very much alive and changing lives each day🙏🏽 Whether you have been to Recess once or 300x, if you believe in what we have, please join us!
7AM strength with @courtney__hughes
8AM champagne 🍾 toast and big group photo 📸
8:15AM heated spin with me (PLEASE REGISTER)
9:30AM strength with me.
#recessendurance #cycling #motivation #anniversary #success #community #fitfam #scottsdale #scottsdaleairpark #heatedworkouts #endurance #endurancetraining #tri #swimbikerun #win #smallbusiness #local #family #friends #love #strength #strengthinnumbers #support #champagne

Good Morning 🌞 from the full 🏠 at 5:45AM!!
That’s my first WIN for the day!
On board today?
9:15AM strength
12:00PM strength
5:30PM happy hour in our lobby
6-7:00PM hip hop master class with @liz.blalock

Yup! I came from these two!
Happy Anniversary to my Mom & Dad 💕 my biggest supporters! 😘

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