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Katie Kaufman  👩🏼‍⚕️ Oncology Clinical Research 🚑 EMT 💉 Phlebotomist 😻 Cat Mom

Wanted: 20-something male and female suspects last seen at a lovely Easter party. Armed. Dangerous. Adorable.

6 months ago, this wonderful man asked me on a date to go mini golfing. He picked me up and opened the car door for me. To this day, he still opens the car door for me and it’s the sweetest thing. I was nervous for our date at first, but right away I felt at home. Almost immediately, I swung too hard and lost my golfball in the bushes. This man heroically jumped a sharp ass fence and risked impalement just so I could lose my little pink ball in a pond. 6 months later and my game still hasn’t improved but he loves me anyway. 6 months of being in love with my best friend ❤️

our first vacation ❤️

totally not even cold bro

we were assigned to spooky room 210 where a delightful little bellboy ghost knocks on the door and asks for room service at 3am. Shoutout to our man Otis on the grind even in the afterlife yas honey get that ghost coin 👏🏻

I wish he would love me the way he loves ramen 🍜

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for em.

This little squirrel could not be any more of a diva thanks to her dad @jacob_gaare

Our waitress made it abundantly clear that touching the 500 degree plates is an excruciating pain comparable to child birth. Guess what we both accidentally did anyway. This was the fanciest Valentine’s Day date of all time with my best friend and now hot plates haunt my dreams 🍽

My twins are now a year old! Camille at 10 weeks vs. one year

this man 🥰

all I’m saying is those cupcakes are arranged a bit suggestively for a whimsical unicorn milkshake and I’m so thankful to be with a man who loves me even after laughing at this picture

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