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Katie Wilson  Finding creative ways to encourage and inspire the world towards compassion, doing beautiful works to demonstrate love. (See Heb.10:24 TPT)

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It musta been wiiiiild angels watching over you and me on the tenth day of Christmas! (Martina McBride throwback anybody? @martinamcbride) But seriously — this one-of-a-kind painting by my sweet @katiejohnsonwilson is just breathtaking. She named it “Worship Angels” because this is what she imagines the angels over worship to look like! So, so beautiful. You can purchase one of these for $25 OR you can win this one for free as gift for a friend or for yourself this Christmas.


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Winner will be announced at the end of my 12 Days of Giveaways ✨

For anyone who thinks they can’t go on, this is a word of encouragement for you. God sees you and is smiling. He is in the fire with you and His Presence will never disappoint! He is still the God of Hope who promised we could do all things in His strength, not our own. Prophesy the promise over your life even when you feel hopeless in the mucky middle. Don’t quit! Stay the course! Shine His Light! Distraction and intimidation are enemy tactics that, when brought to light, lose their power. #hope #keepgoing #youarenotalone #godiswithyou #youbelong #icandoallthingsthroughchrist

Mark you calendars ladies for a night of story and song, celebrating the extravagant love of Jesus and how He continues to make us new. Jesus truly is the greatest gift of all and to sing and tell of His grace and Truth is our high and holy privilege! In this season of hope many feel their most hopeless! May we take the time to come together this Christmas season and just breathe. December 20th is going to be a hope filled night that we will never forget. O Come Let Us Adore Him together! #OurCityStory #testimony #faith #christmas #breathe #slowdown #extravagantlove #lovecamedown #ourcityonahill

I am in a new season of unpacking what it means to dance, literally and metaphorically. The best way to rehearse God’s Love is to read His Word, remembering His faithfulness “then” because He is faithful again, and again and again. Also, going back through my journals with Jesus reveals the dances we’ve learned so far. He is a faithful dance partner even when I have not been.
My husband and I are actually taking dance lessons. Each lesson builds on the other and when we put each step in different combinations we can make a myriad of different dances. God’s Love is like that. There are endless facets to the Beauty of His love and countless combinations to put them in. Rehearsing God’s Love is like dance lessons; we dance for joy when we remember God’s Love. And the more we practice His Presence, the more beautiful the dance! #faith #songofsongs #dance #scripture #godsfaithfulness

There is a lot of talk these days about “having a seat at the table” and that is a great place to be. It gives us an opportunity to steward our influence well. However, if we are seated at the wrong table at the end of the day, at the end of this life, then all of our stewarding will have been in vain.
If we want a seat at the only table that really matters, it’s imperative that we invite Jesus in and let Him lead us to the seat at His Fathers table with our place card! (See Rev.3:20-21 MSG) #faith #aseatatthetable #kingdom #weddingsupperofthelamb #jesus #revelation

#thesearethemoments *had to delete and repost because I forgot to mute the weirdness of me counting and clicking my feet:) Thank you @fwilson24 for filling in for dad tonight! You are a really good lead! Couldn’t love you more:) #senioryear #dance #dancing

May we leave endless amounts of “wrapping paper” in our wake as we make unwrapping Jesus our 1st priority this Christmas!!! “Every time we open God’s Word, we unwrap Jesus, the Greatest Gift of All!”
#thegreatestgiftofall #Jesus #christmas #scripture

Continually learning to tune out the frenzy of this world and tune into the fresh air of God’s Word! #faith #freshair #scripture #slowdown #breathe

A night to remember! Jesus, story, song, and sisterhood! #thesearethemoments Thank you @toyapoplar for capturing the melodies of our hearts in pictures! In this season of hustle and bustle, don’t forget to take the time to slow down and breathe, remember and celebrate God’s faithfulness and connect with others as we share the stories of our lives! All of our stories are woven together by the scarlet thread of Christ, making a masterpiece that is precious and priceless to God! @drmhuntsville

“Dragonfly Dance” -New Art-Check our link in my insta profile and go to my art gallery page:) #impressionism #art #ampainting #artist #impressionist

Happy 18th Bday to our last baby! @fwilson24 From the day you were born, your smile and those dimples have melted our heart. You are loyal, honest, hard-working, kind, brilliant, “oh-so-handsome”, persistent, and compassionate. You still come say goodnight and prayers no matter how late (or early like 3 or 4 am because you are the night owl in the family:) and you never hold back “I love you”! We could not be more proud of you and we are blessed beyond measure that God chose to give you to us! As you prepare to step into the final half of your senior year, always remember who and Whose you are and your life will leave a trail of arrows pointing straight to Christ! (After all, Fletcher means arrow-maker!)

When we choose to step into another person’s pain, we will always find hidden treasure that changes us all for the better!
When those you love are grieving, show up! Don’t worry about what to say or what to bring because the quiet gift of presence changes everything! #griefsupport #thegiftofpresence #showup

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