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Katie Holden  Certified Fitness Trainer Certified in Fitness Nutrition Handstand Enthusiast 💪

If you didn't do a #handstand on the beach did you even go? #handstandaddict #inversions

1 leg squats and body saws from today's work out. 👍
I've progressed down to a 10" box and it's killing meee, I am surprised I can even do it.
If you want an anti-extension #core exercise that is really challenging and will most likely make you sore tomorrow, give these body saws a try.
Body Saws:
◽Shoulders should start right over top of the elbows
◽Move shoulders back as far as possible while keeping core allignment
◽Return back to start position without letting the shoulders go over the elbows ◽Have fun!
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Fail.... #parentaladvisory 🙊 #50 db incline press, I got 3 out of the 4 sets though at least. It just got away from me 🤷

Just impressing the clients one cool trick at a time 😁😉 #realsmooth #footfairy

Jan getting in some core anti-rotation work on this beautiful day. Since starting her journey here at @fenton_fitness_athletic_center Jan has noticed daily tasks have become easier like playing and picking up her grandson, picking up large Costco items, and her long walk up to the hospital that she works at. She no longer gets dizzy spells and has more energy. You go Jan 💪👍 Pallof Press progressions:
1️⃣Tall Kneeling (both knees down)
2️⃣1/2 Kneeling
3️⃣ISO Split Stance
5️⃣1 Leg
#pallofpress #antirotation #core #skipthesitups #FFAC #functionalfitness #smarternotharder #progressions #fitness

@tailerprzybylowicz more stuff for you to try 😉 your inner thighs will be screaming the next day from the second one. #OHmobility

The fun part about these X pull downs is spinning out of them at the end 😁

Just a couple highlights from my work out today.
1 leg @sorinex leg curl. Make sure to keep hips elevated!! In order to get more glute involvement there should be no flexion happening in the hips. These won't be your favorite things to do.. 😆
1 leg RDL with KB row: @fenton_fitness_athletic_center likes to challenge me with crazy looking exercises. As if the 1 leg RDL wasn't enough we add a row into the mix. Pretty challenging balance wise, I can't really go heavy because of this. But it's pretty cool looking I guess. Now I can see I need to work on keeping the weight closer to my body.
#sorinex #1legRDL #ffac #myhammy'shurt #juststrong

Happy Valentine's day from my valentine and I 😂 Harold is 85 and comes to the gym regularly to ride the bike and read his newspapers. We like to go on lunch dates and talk a lot of crap. #fitforlife #fitfam #helovesme

Can you tell I haven't been working on my handstands as often as I used to?? Oh well.. I thought my dismount was still pretty impressive 😉 #handstands #exgymnast #strong #balance

1 leg squat to box: ▪Control the landing! ▪Try not to relax on box or create momentum to get up
▪Reach out with the arms on the way down ▪Weights act as a counterbalance. ▪The higher the box the easier it is, women should try to get down to 12", men to 14" (height based).
Make it easier by holding onto trx, make it harder by holding weight goblet style, close to the body.
Using the aerobic step helps the free leg clear the floor so you don't have to hold it up quite as high.
Try it out!

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