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...  No longer of the strained

I dont know what to do. I just feel so alone and unwanted. My mom just blew up on me, saying im a waste. My father says i should die. I dont have anyone, my friends dont know and the one teacher i told didnt do anything. I just cant do it anymore, i dont wanna do it anymore. I just wanna leave and never come back. No one even cares. No one says i love you to me, no one says they miss me. It wont matter. I want to die. Goodbye. I am sorry i wasnt good enough

Just sitting here... Packing up my life. Only one more year to go until i can leave and never come back. I won't ever have to come back to my lush father, if you can even call him that. He's just a vegetable now that only speaks to insult and abuse and moves to go out and buy more liquor. As if calling me a cunt isn't bad enough, he just loves to say how much he hates me and how much he wishes i were dead. Is this the life i am supposed to miss? Everyone wonders why i am so cynical, and bitter and never smile... Can you blame me? This is my personal hell. I don't have a childhood and i am unloved. Is it any wonder why i spend all my time absent, absent from everything, passing my time on ig seeing pictures and reading the stories of people who are just as depressed. I see those pictures and think how much i like those people and want them to know that i am there for them, even if they don't know it, hoping that there is one person who feels that way about me. It's sad that the only people i can honestly talk to don't even exist, i just try to convince myself that they do to stop me from feeling even worse about my pathetic life. Well, thanks if you actually took the time to read my vent, and if you feel similar, that no one cares, just know that i do...
#cutter #loner #ihatemylife

My feelings, my worth, my soul; rare is it that it should be captured with such ease #death #selfharm #gone #dying #whyshouldanyonecare

This expresses how i feel at the moment. I am deflated, angry, pessimistic and just done. I hate all the obligations in my life; i can't do anything that i want, so i changed that. I got rid of them all, and for once, i feel like i can breathe, like i am alive for once, not half dead and walking around like a zombie. I am sorry to those that my decisions will affect and i hope you can forgive me, but it was te to stop fighting it, the inevitable. I have felt this coming on forever, it was time to acknowledge it. I am now alive... It feels miraculous.

sittin around...waiting for anything and anyone

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