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Katie•Chung•Hua  忠花 | Ex Hockey Player | #IFBB Bikini Pro | #TeamBodybuildingcom | Professional Badass | YouTube Vids @katiechunghua | #katiechunghua | My FitPlan👇🏼

When you have a talented aunt and cousin you can’t pass up a shoot at grandma’s ☺️ #idahome

It’s YOUR day, you can go one way or another. Choose wisely ✨

This was my favorite shoot I’ve been able to be a part of. 🥅🏒 Hockey was my life and it prepared me for my future. Why do you #buildyourbody? #motivationmonday

Coming into the week like...👊🏼💢

Can anyone guess where I’m headed tomorrow morning?! Winner gets 5 brownie points

I’m making it my job to not let you use an excuse to skip a #workout. Now uploading a zero equipment #HIIT workout you can do anywhere. Check the YouTube 🎥 #noexcuses #hiitworkout #burnfatbuildmuscle #bestself

Mornings are best spent outside ☀️ Don’t you agree?

This last month I’ve gotten back into the sport I love. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me. It was My LIFE for years, all I ever did was play hockey. Now, 8 or 9 years later....I feel like I”m finally getting my legs (not to mention endurance) back. I can’t wait to get back in the hockey community and hopefully help give someone the same amazing experiences I had growing up. Come skate with me! #hockey #24

#throwback! Matchy matchy with my hair and pants. Still one of my favorite shoulder exercises tho 💪🏼💙 #TBT

Had a set back? Refocus, regroup and don’t dwell on it. I write down my goals almost daily to hold myself accountable and to know where to pick up it I start to slip. #tipoftheday 📸: @jwolfe208

What are your weaknesses? One of mine is my middle back. I love training other parts of my body because I feel strong, but you’re only going to get better if you work on your weaknesses. Try these reverse grip bent over cable rows (wow - mouthful) next back day! BTW I was lucky enough to get this June edition outfit from @ellieactivewear 🙌🏼 #loveellie! Super soft and the back of the bra is so cute! You can get it on Ellie.com. #juneellie #backday #exerciseoftheday

I don’t believe in depriving yourself, but that doesn’t mean over indulging. I think there’s a balance to happy and healthy and that’s always been my motto. All the meal plans and training programs I design are for successful, long term results #trusttheprocess #balance #happyandhealthy

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