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Katie  It's a fine world out there, in all it's meandering glory. London, UK.

The boy done good for my 40th. A vintage japanese teapot circa 1970. Well, that and a baby.

Stanley Ernesto Rumbelow, named for my much loved grandfather and Sam's Italian Papa arrived yesterday at 9.36pm weighing in at 7lbs 1oz.
He was in quite a hurry. Popping out in just a couple of hours. He's clearly got places to be and things to do.
All of us are well and looking forward to taking him home and seeing how horrified the cat is going to be about this new development.

Cake Monday

I didn't attempt to catch it but there was a beautiful murmuration that went along with this sunset

Last of the winter sun

Pi's brave ode to asshats. It's his interpretative dance offering for Trumps inauguration.

Jazz Sunday with Sam's old friend Nigel on bass sax.

A rather wintry walk in the wetlands. A good few signs of life and the coming Spring if you look for them though. The velvet of the bull rushes, the green green algae feeding the marshes. A territorial plumped Robin Red Breast amongst the grasses. I'm always happiest in the mulchiest of the rugged outdoors.

Preparations for fatherhood are going well.

Little model house on a big real street