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Katie Buxton  Singer/songwriter ✨I believe that intention, vulnerability & honesty are 3 things that can change the world 🌸


The last time I saw @lewloh we were 16 and 17 and completely different people but somehow 4 years later everything feels the exact same. One of my all time favorite people is finally heeeeere in the US 😭 love you so much Lewis, thanks for bein my soul buddy ❀️

Yo! If you want to listen to my set tonight, tune into @lightning100 online or in yo car at 8:00 central time to hear the live broadcast! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ mom I'm on the radiooo!

2day is the day
3rd and Lindsley tonight at 8! @p_coch will be joining me on guitar πŸŽ‰ sure 2 b a good time

@_cityzen_ just informed me that @lightning100 announced the show this Sunday and just about killed me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 3rd and Lindsley 8/13 with Whitehorse! I go on at 8 🌸 ticket link in my bio!

Nashville! This Sunday I'll be at 3rd and Lindsley opening for Whitehorse for @lightning100's Nashville Sunday Night. Show starts at 8, would love to see you! Ticket link is in my bio 🌸

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Playing The Basement's New Faces Nite tomorrow at 8! Will post set time to my story tomorrow. Excited for dis one. Come hang! 🀘

Every part of you has every right to exist.
You are enough, more than enough, in all that you are.
Think back to when you started believing this wasn't true. To when and how society started telling you to stay small and fearful and self-loathing. To when you started criticizing your body parts in the mirror for not looking how they should, when you started keeping to yourself in public for fear of judgement, when you stopped pursuing the things that made you happy because someone told you to have more realistic goals for your future.
And then think back to that moment you came out of the womb, screaming and crying and unconcerned with making someone uncomfortable by showing emotion. To when you wore your favorite little outfit, completely unconcerned with how your body might look in it, not thinking about how your stomach looks in comparison to a girl in a commercial. When you weren't ashamed to tell people that you wanted to be an artist or an author, because you valued happiness and personal fulfillment over safety and "practicality".
Realize that all of these limiting beliefs this world has programmed into us are lies - lies that are passed on to us through insecure, misguided individuals who know no more than we do about how to exist, but who don't know any better. There was a time when you embraced yourself in all aspects - a time when you were fully present and knew that you are already everything you need to be.
Do you remember?

Big thank you to @eentertainment for licensing the album πŸ™ luv u guys

Just put some shirts up on my new online store πŸŽ‰ if you want one of these or want to see what else there is, head over to the link in my bio or the "Merch" tab on my website ✨(model cred: @beccanaber)

Today I'm launching what I've named the Something Different Movement - it's time for us to act, to collaborate, educate, and create a shift in our relationship with this planet. Read below for an intro, follow our Instagram account for updates, and go to the website (link in @somethingdifferentmovement bio) to learn more. ✨
With the launch of this movement I think it's appropriate to give an introduction.
My name is Katie Buxton - I'm a singer/songwriter currently living in Nashville, Tennessee but have always been passionate about this planet and protecting it.
In May of this year I released my first full-length album, titled "Something Different". On it is a track that inspired the title, called "Revolution" - the first chorus says:
"When every coast is swallowed by the ocean |
And every child is choking on poison |
Maybe we'll start wanting something different |
But why does it take losing everything to spark a revolution?"
I see the state of our world seeming to get worse everyday. There is such an extreme amount of apathy when it comes to climate change and our environment in general, while our planet and only life force is screaming out for our help and begging us to listen.
While it may seem like an overwheming, too-big-to-bother task, creating a shift in the health of our earth is something that starts at home. All it takes is becoming a little more conscious and a little more intentional in regards to what we consume and how. I want this to be a resource for people to come to for tips and ideas on how better to do this, what companies and products are supporting sustainability, etc.
In addition, we will be collaborating with and supporting non-profits focused on conservation through benefit shows, giveaways, exposure, and more.
Thank you for following along. I hope you'll join the movement. 🌎

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