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Katie Khan 🌗  I write books about love, light and space. #HoldBacktheStars—translated into 21 languages. #TheLightBetweenUs—Aug 9. I live in London & work in film.

This year I made a conscious decision to go to events on my own, and so far I’m enjoying a summer of listening to my personal heroes talking about creativity. Last month: Philip Pullman giving the annual Blake lecture on storytelling; last week, Hans Zimmer on his creative process. Zimmer was brilliantly candid, and the event was structured really well — they played a clip featuring a particular score, then Zimmer discussed his experience on that particular film. He covered the directors he’s worked with and their different styles (particularly Tony and Ridley Scott, who sound like chalk and cheese!), and the projects where Zimmer thought he was going to be fired... I thought his description of film production was the closest thing I’ve come across(!): “you compromise, you have a heart attack”. 😬 Tickets were £12 and there were only 150 seats in the audience! I think they’re putting the whole talk on the BAFTA Guru website if this is your kind of thing 🎶📝#summerofcreativity

SUCH an exciting moment — finished hardbacks of THE LIGHT BETWEEN US have arrived! The gold ink on the cover is glittery as hell 🤩 it has endpapers featuring the gold spray ✨ and even my little author photo on the back flap is spot varnished and glossy! ‪The book is published on August 9th (available to pre-order now...) and I’m so excited to see these sparkle on the shelves. No idea what I did in a past life but I am once again blessed by the book gods @the_t_crowd @penguinukbooks 🙏 #thelightbetweenus

“Speak, friend, and enter” — the #TolkienExhibition at Weston Library in Oxford is beyond fascinating... A man who imagined and explored Middle-earth for almost his entire life — in sketchbooks, watercolours, maps, letters to his children, short stories and, of course, the draft manuscripts of the novels. (Side note: it’s UNCANNY how many of Tolkien’s own sketches are frame-for-frame the same as the Peter Jackson films.) I, personally, think this collection of Tolkien’s papers demonstrates a deep, deep level of obsession — which explains why the #LordOfTheRings world-building is so thorough. He thought of almost nothing else for more than fifty years!
The exhibition is on until 28th October (and free) if anyone fancies it. No photos allowed inside unfortunately, but the Doors of Durin were on the entrance so I didn’t break the rules! 🤓

It’s the last of my holiday book pics. Dipping into some magical fantasy with #TheBearAndTheNightingale@eburybooks very kindly sent me the sequel, which made me realise I hadn’t yet read the first! It has rave reviews (have you read it?), so I’m rectifying immediately 🏖📚

I’m so easily pleased by light and the sky. I suppose that’s why I wrote something where much of the action is orientated around sunrise and sunset, dawn and dusk. If you look carefully at the cover for #TheLightBetweenUs, you’ll see both a sunrise and a starry night sky... 🌅🌌
(Also, yes, I did excitedly point at the green light at the end of that dock: “it’s just like Gatsby!” 😝)

A bit of witchcraft and watermelon 🍉 Cor, Madeline Miller can really write, can’t she? I’m reading mythology and she makes it feel like the nymphs are my neighbours — utterly brought to life off the page. #Circe

My word, Castelsardo in Sardinia does not shy away from a colour pop 😍😍
Of course, now I post this, I realise I was wearing a sunflower yellow skirt that would have matched PERFECTLY... the trials and tribulations of not having an #InstagramBoyfriend nor mastering the art of the pose (sadly lacking, alas). 😭😝🌹🌼🌸☄️

REALLY enjoying this—I’d go as far as to call it the perfect holiday book. It opens with a woman digging a grave, and just keeps getting darker... The first thriller I’ve read in ages (maybe all year?) and I can’t wait to see where this ends! #SomethingInTheWater Congrats @catsteadman 🌊

It’s overcast today, she said, peering at the lone puff of cloud momentarily masking the sun, so let’s hike up to the medieval castle at the top of the hill. Google Maps says it’s only a seventeen-minute climb, she added helpfully. (Google Maps is misinformed.) And that’s how two pale English roses ended up hatless in the full heat of the Italian sun, breathless from the incline, feet sliding around in sandals, the restaurants at the top all closed and a return descent fuelled only by gelato. Best friends are great 😝❤️

Rolling green vineyards and a glass of prosecco. Okay, now we’re holidaying 🥂 Plus @katy_pegg booked us a 7-course tasting menu 😝

Hello, Sardinia 🇮🇹 Thanks for greeting me with this view. 🌅

Yesterday I had a tiny (okay, a mountainous) wobble: “What if nobody likes the thing I wrote??” It’s par the course with writing, I’ve realised, and likely with ALL creativity. You have to build a thick skin, and care only for the writing or creating itself. Everything else (like nice reviews, a nice cover, a readership...) is a bonus!

But my lament was answered within only a few hours, when the wonderful author Rowan Coleman finished reading THE LIGHT BETWEEN US and tweeted something magical: “Gripping, fascinating, funny, romantic, exciting, and hopeful with a great cast of women, @katie_khan’s new novel #TheLightBetweenUs is a cracking good read.” I didn’t realise I was holding my breath until I just breathed out.
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Completely brilliant - if you like #thesummerofimpossiblethings this is for you.

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